Many children grow up wanting to be a Disney princess. For a lucky few that dream comes true. Figure skater Abby Kimmelman is one of them. This is an interview that Abby took part in where she speaks about what it is like being Anna, one of the sisters from Disney's "Frozen."

Abby Kimmelman dreamed of being Anna

Ask most girls which Disney princess they most admire, and they will likely say, Elsa. But, not all. Professional figure skater Abby Kimmelman admired Anna from the moment she first saw "Frozen." Of course, most children only get to be their favorite princess on Halloween. But, Abby gets to live her dream of being Anna every week in Disney On Ice presents "Frozen," now touring throughout the United States.

Why does Abby prefer Anna to Elsa? According to Abby, Anna is such an interesting princess because she is so dynamic and has so many facets of her personality. What's more, Abby believes that Anna is a good role model for girls. Anna has many great qualities that many parents would like to see in their girls. She is loving. She is kind. She is also optimistic and caring. Yet, she never stops being herself, even when that involved being a little bit goofy and sometimes being a little too high-energy.

Playing Anna is hard work

Abby loves being able to wear beautiful princess dresses and Anna's adorable boots. But, as any serious entertainer will tell you, there is a lot more to becoming your character than the clothing.

To really become a believable Anna on the ice Abby had to work very hard and work with a team. Not only did Abby have to learn new skating routines, she also had to learn how to act like Anna by studying Anna's quirks and movements. According to Abby "practice makes perfect" and she practiced for hours every day.

Abby also made watching the movie "Frozen" part of her study and watched the movie more times than she can count.

But, it's not just Abby's hard work that brings "Frozen" to life on the ice. The show is cast with dozens of talented skaters and crew members. What's more, the crew is able to use incredible special effects to the ice that Abby says must be experienced to be believed.

It snows on the ice rink and there is other movie magic that comes to life during the performance.

A lot of responsibility comes along with being a Disney Princess

Abby knows just how popular "Frozen" is and feels the weight of her responsibility as Anna, who is undoubtedly one of the most well-known Disney princesses, even if she is often overshadowed by her more popular sister Elsa. Abby loves seeing all of the girls who come to see her dressed as Anna themselves and does her best each and every performance to make "Frozen" a truly special experience for each of them.

Abby plans on skating as Anna for a long time to come - - and to keep creating magic on the ice.

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