Monster trucks hold a legendary place in American culture. The sport is changing as the second-generation and female drivers enter the ranks of the elite at Monster Jam.

Where are monster truck drivers from?

You may have an idea about where monster truck drivers usually come. However, the answer might surprise you. At least a couple of top drivers who have made it to driving in Monster Jam have come from Bethesda, MD, located just outside of Washington, DC. Bethesda, which is consistently ranked as one of the most educated and highest earning towns in America, is not where you would expect star drivers to come from, but that is exactly where Monster Jam driver Cory Snyder got his start.

Monster trucks are a family affair

Cory has been around monster trucks his entire life. Growing up, Cory watched his father compete in truck rallies and eventually Monster Jam. Cory started off going to shows with his Dad. As Cory grew, he started helping his father with tasks like putting tires on the truck and eventually taking on more responsibilities. When Cory’s father retired, he asked Corey if he wanted to drive the truck himself. Cory didn’t hesitate to say yes. Eventually, Cory was asked to join the Monster Mutt Rottweiler team and joined Monster Jam himself.

While the majority of drivers are the first ones in their family to drive monster trucks, Cory is part of a growing group of drivers who are the second generation to not just drive monster trucks but to qualify for Monster Jam by Feld Entertainment. For second-generation drivers like Cory, he thinks that the trucks get “in their blood” young and never goes away.

In fact, Cory and his father enjoy monster trucks so much they spend their free time building their own truck as a hobby separate from Monster Jam.

Not your father’s monster truck

Although Cory is now a Monster Jam driver like his father, the nature of driving and Monster Jam shows is completely different. While his father drove on a simple track, Cory drives on a track that involves an obstacle course.

He also does more than driving, as the focus of Monster Jam is pushing the limits of what the trucks can do. A big focus of the current tour of Monster Jam is pushing the limits of monster trucks by doing tricks on two wheels – both front and back wheels. Another big change is that today’s drivers don’t just drive monster trucks, but drive ATVs and Speedsters during shows as well.

Cory thinks that the current iteration of Monster Jam is more fun for audience members as well since they get to take part in voting through a new app.

A more diverse show

One big way in which the current show is different in the past is that the drivers are more diverse. In recent years a number of women drivers have started rising through the ranks driving just as well the men. With trucks like Wonder Woman on the track, an entirely new group of fans is being attracted to shows. Cory thinks it’s great to have drivers from all walks of life on the circuit, bringing more exposure to Monster Jam and seeing girls and women having as much fun at shows as boys and men.

No plans to stop

Cory doesn’t see himself stopping driving anytime soon.

In fact, as a second-generation monster truck driver, he knows his own children, once he as them, will be exposed to trucks from an early age and is looking forward to having them attend his shows the way he once attended his father’s shows.