Do you have an endless to-do list and find that you can barely get through it by the end of the day? Or did you purchase a planner but not sure how to use it? Read on for tips on how to Organize your TIME effectively.

Make a to-do list

To-do lists are a great way to start organizing your time. Once you have what you want to get done down on paper, you can better focus on the tasks at hand. Just remember its okay if you can't get everything done on your list. Writing it down is just the first step.

Prioritize your tasks

Once you have written or typed your to-do list, take a minute to look it over.

Pick a few to make your top tasks for the day. If you can't get a task done today, just put it at the top of your list for tomorrow.

Organize your tasks

Do you have any work that you can lump together and get done at the same time? Organizing similar tasks together is a great way to knock out several items on your to-do list. Check out this article on how to use Evernote to be more organized.

Get rid of distractions

Stop checking your Facebook every few minutes. Repinning those cute cat pictures on Pinterest can wait too. Focus completely on which task you have decided to do first. Social media, or whatever else you are allowing to distract you, can wait.

Take breaks

Once a task is complete, put your list down and do something not related to your to-do list.

If you do too many tasks in a row, you might get burned out and complete less in the long run. The key is to work smarter, but not harder.

Task time limits

Some tasks on your to-do list will take longer than others, and that's fine If you have several important tasks to get done in a day and you end up spending most of your time on one, you want to set limits, even if you have to revisit a task later on.

Get your sleep

You may think that staying up all hours to finish something is productive, but not if you end up sleeping the next day away instead of getting other work completed. The average adult needs around eight hours of sleep. I'm fine with seven hours and can still get plenty of tasks done. Find your magic sleep number and don't get any less than it to have a productive day.

Weekend work

No one likes working on weekends, but even a few tasks done on the weekend can really get you ahead of the following week's to-do list. One task checked off your list is still one less task to worry about in the future.

Stay organized

This is just a brief list to help you organize your time effectively. Here are more tips to help you save time and be organized. There are many more, but the most important thing is to find a few time-saving tips that will help you stay organized and stick to those.