While preschoolers always appear cute and playful towards one another, there's an unknown phase in their lives adults are unaware of. Considering the struggles of a child having problems in trusting her peers at school, Daisy’s example shows that even a young heart can open up to others when given the right motivation.

The recent episode of Channel 4’s award-winning show “The Secret Life Of 4 And 5 Years Old," the Kids are challenged to an end of week quiz. They are divided into groups where Ralphy and Daisy are nominated as Team leaders. However, there is a twist - only leaders are allowed to write the answer on the board.

Daisy is an unlikely leader to head a group of three adorable kids. Although earlier in the week she managed to withdraw herself from the new kids, this time is tougher. She will have to truly trust her teammates and communicate with them to win the game.

The struggle begins

The contest started with a Math question, “If a child is 4 years old, how old they will be in two years time?”

The other group did a little solving and unanimously answered “six.” On the other hand, tension started to rise at Daisy’s camp where she refused to listen to her teammates and insisted that the correct answer was “seven.”

One of her members told the teacher that she doesn’t want to listen to any of their answers.

The moderator insisted that Daisy has to write something on the board. She gave in and wrote, “5”.

The rest of the kids on her team complained that it was wrong, but she insisted, saying, “I’m the captain, so I choose whatever I want.”

When the correct answer was revealed, Daisy complained that their team is going to lose. Her teammates were dumbfounded after losing a very easy question and hearing Daisy’s reaction.

On the next round, they were asked to spell the word “tiger,“ but, still, Daisy is refusing to listen, saying, “Because people can make their own choices.”

Now, that’s a true leader

As Daisy continues to ignore the other kids, their team is starting to fall further behind until this happened. The teacher asked a very difficult Math question, “What is 12x13?”

No one in Ralphy’s team knows how to multiply by the tables, but one member of Daisy’s team is a self-confessed Math lover, Nathan.

One of the teachers even noted that only Nathan could answer the tricky question.

He answered “156” and told Daisy to write it on the board. Alas, she doesn’t know how to write the figures. Interestingly, the snubby leader turned her head to Nathan and confessed she doesn’t know how those numbers are written.

The young Math athlete taught her how it's done. She went to the board, answered and looked back at Nathan asking for approval. Finally, Team Superstar has won their very first question erupting to a very loud cheer.

They went on winning more rounds, Nathan looked relieved, and Daisy showed signs of loosening up for the rest of the quiz game.

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