First daughter Ivanka Trump, also a business owner is scheduled to attend a Business Conference in hyderabad, India. She is expected to deliver the keynote address at a summit promoting 'Women First, Prosperity for All' and will also participate in two panels.

She has just returned from Tokyo where she had gone to attend a women's assembly sponsored by the government of Japan. Daily Mail UK reports that she is coming to Hyderabad at the invitation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had asked her to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

He had extended the invitation during his visit to the United States in June when he had met President Donald Trump.

The schedule of Ivanka

This visit to Hyderabad will be her third summit abroad. Ivanka Trump is a business owner herself and has a fair knowledge of handling such affairs having been associated with the Trump Organization for a long time. The Global Entrepreneurship Summit, GES, is now in its eighth year, and the business conference will highlight women in the industry for the first time.

Around 1500 entrepreneurs are likely to attend, and 350 of them would be from the United States.

While in Hyderabad, also known as the city of Charminar, she expects to undertake a bit of sightseeing that could include a visit to Charminar, the world-famous mosque located in the heart of the city. A visit of this nature could help her father bond better with the Islamic world because the Muslim population in India makes it the second largest Muslim community in the world behind Indonesia.

The summit would be interesting

Ivanka Trump has focused her attention on the role of women in the workforce and entrepreneurship. These are the subjects she loves to indulge in apart from the economic empowerment of women. Topics scheduled for the business conference in the city of Hyderabad include subjects like innovations in workforce development and skill training. These are important to generate successful business modules.

Before her visit to India, the subject of conflict of interest cropped up. Donald Trump wants to forge ahead with his ‘America First’ policy which is intended to give jobs in America to Americans. However, Narendra Modi has a different vision – his slogan is ‘Make in India, ’ and he wants to pursue the policy of products to be made in India.

Ivanka did not want to get into any controversy. She summed up the situation like a true politician by saying that every country has its priorities which are flexible enough to absorb divergent concepts.

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