When autumn comes around it's the best time to escape for an earthy and brilliantly colored vacation. There's no better way to rejuvenate from a busy summer than by kicking back near a fire and enjoying the beauty of the changing landscape. The United States has many great locations for autumn vacations; here are some of the best.

Lenox, Massachusetts

This cozy town is perfect for a relaxing Fall vacation. The old town was established in 1750 and is filled with distinguished buildings and scenery fit for a movie set. The vibrant colors against the backdrop of the sky and lake make for one breathtaking view.

The fall is their slow time for tourism, so enjoy this town without dealing with the crowds.

Enjoy a five-star Mediterranean dinner at Alta, or if you're not in the mood for Mediterranean go out for a five-star Italian dinner at Prime Italian Steak Bar. If you're looking for more than just relaxing with a magnificent view, Lenox has plenty of entertainment. Enjoy an evening out at the Shakespeare & Company or head over to the Tanglewood Music Center for a live show.

Aspen, Colorado

There is no shortage of breathtaking views in Aspen. Famous for its golden foliage in the fall, it is well worth escaping to. It's no wonder why those who stumbled upon the landscape there in 1879 didn't leave. The view is hard to beat, add that with the endless entertainment in the area, and you get one great vacation.

Aspen has something for everyone, especially when it comes to food. Vegetarian? No problem, they have you covered. In the mood for Japanese or sushi? Again, Aspen has just what you need. They also have traditional American cuisine. It's no different when it comes to entertainment options. In the fall you can relax while enjoying the view of golden colored leaves, all while fly fishing.

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This is also the perfect time of the year for a bike ride through the peaceful countryside, or take a scenic drive. While you are there don't forget to check out the ghost town, once a mining community now empty. Also, a fun thing to do is check out the continental divide.

Nashville, Tennessee

This bustling city doesn't slow down with the seasons.

Nashville was founded in 1779 and is the Country Music Capital of the United States. It stays active year-round, but in the fall the landscape morphs into a beautiful painting of deep reds and vibrant yellows. Go down and sit by the Cumberland River and listen to the musical city, all while taking in the view.

Nashville has plenty of dining and entertainment choices. The city hosts a wide range of food, satisfying even the pickiest palette. Nashville is the location for the Country Music Hall of Fame. Head downtown and line dance the night away.

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

This quaint small town was founded in 1830, and come autumn is breathtaking. The deep red and orange colored leaves contrast sharply for a picture-perfect landscape.

Take a drive south of Wellsboro to visit what is known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. The trees covering the area turn into a wide variety of colors, and show off mother natures painting skills.

Go and enjoy live music and fine dining at Timeless Destination, where they serve American and Italian food. For entertainment, head over to the Deane Center to watch artist and musicians perform live at an affordable price.

Vernonia, Oregon

The last on this list, but still just as beautiful as number one, is Vernonia. This old riverside town was founded in 1874 and is just a short drive away from Portland. This quiet cozy neighborhood comes alive in the fall, with miles of autumn foliage. Go and enjoy a colorful afternoon on the Nehalem River, or take a scenic drive to the city.

Stop by the Blue House Café for a taste of Mediterranean, or head over to The Black Iron Grill for traditional American food. For entertainment, take a scenic hike through the Vernonia State Park. Take your camera and enjoy endless amounts of yellow, red, and orange along your path. In the evening sit and enjoy a peaceful night, or drive a short distance to Portland to experience a bustling nightlife.