The influx of Muslim refugees has alarmed Europe. What was earlier thought of as a source for cheap labor and men to run the various utilities has been overtaken by a paranoid fear that the migrants will swamp Europe. Many feel they are not integrating with the life and ethos of Europe. In a landmark case, the European court of Human Rights rejected the argument of parents of 2 Muslim girls in Switzerland against their learning to swim in compulsory classes along with boys. This is a landmark judgment, and comes close on the heels of another judgment which said refusal of boys to shake hands with their teachers (even female) was wrong.

Alarm bells in Europe

the far right in Europe is alarmed at the influx of Muslim migrants. Rightist parties in France, Denmark, and Germany are calling for this migration to be stopped. The situation is highly volatile, and has led to the Burkini (a full swimsuit) being banned in France, and the Hijab (full face cover) also banned in France and Belgium. German chancellor Merkel has also said that a full face veil is not in consonance with German culture. To emphasize Christian values, the Danes have included pork meatballs as part of the meal every day for children in Denmark. Eating Pork is taboo in Islam, yet at least in Denmark the Muslims have not protested this decision. These decisions show that Europe is alarmed with the growing presence of Muslim migrants and feel that European culture is under threat.

The migrants have not helped their cause by insisting on following tenets of orthodox Islam.

Last word

In this particular case, the Muslim parents approached the court to allow their daughters to be given exemption from learning to swim with boys. The judgment of the court is a dampener for Muslims. The court has ruled that "successful social integration according to local customs and mores" was more important than religious beliefs. The parents had earlier been fined 1400 Swiss Franks. The parents now have 3 months to appeal the verdict of the court.