Is there anyone you want to look like? If so, would you undergo nine surgeries to look like that person? A Texan woman is living proof that it can be done. She wanted to look like First Lady Melania Trump, and after nine procedures, she and President Donald Trump's wife look like identical twins. If Claudia Sierra and Melania Trump were standing side by side, President Trump would have to ask, "Which is which?"

Nine procedures later

Claudia Sierra is a 42-year-old interior designer from Houston, Texas who thinks Melania Trump is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Instead of just admiring the woman, Claudia wanted to look in the mirror every day and see her.

The nine surgeries included everything from her face to body parts below. She had an eye lift and rhinoplasty. That's a fancy name for a nose job. She had fat grafts in both temples and cheeks. Then the surgeons moved to parts below her face and gave Claudia breast implants and a tummy tuck. The Houston native didn't want the doctors to stop there. Therefore, she allowed them to give her liposuction on both thighs.

Finally, she had back surgery and a Brazilian butt lift.

Not hearsay

The surgeries are not exaggerated or just hearsay because Inside Edition was at the hospital with their cameras who recorded the before and after photos. Claudia was in the capable hands of Dr. Franklin Rose for nine hours of surgeries. Cameras caught the preparation on tape as the divorced mother of two underwent the procedures for a transformation.

In order to give a look his patient wanted, Dr. Rose used photos of Trump as a guide to go by. Of course, Claudia did not look like the first lady immediately after the surgeries. It was weeks later when all the swelling went down, and her body was completely healed that the divorced mother of two was able to see a remarkable resemblance. She stayed in hiding for 100 days before she was comfortable enough to go out in public.

Looking like Trump required more than the surgical procedures. Therefore, Sierra invested in hair extensions and an expensive wardrobe to make her look complete.

Reactions to the surgeries

After the surgeries, Sierra had no regrets for her Melania makeover. She says she absolutely loves her transformation because she is definitely Melania's lookalike. The interior designer said she had been ashamed of the way her body looked before the transformation. She told Inside Edition that she was bullied in school about her looks.

The woman did get the criticisms she expected. Her family members and friends told her that she needed psychological help for wanting to look like someone else.

It is interesting that she was criticized for the way she looked before the surgeries, and she still is being criticized after multiple surgeries, weeks of healing, and about $70,000 later.

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