Bermuda isn't your average Caribbean island destination. In fact, geographically and culturally speaking, it's not really Caribbean at all. Bermuda's history is as confusing as its geography, and has created a vibrantly unique culture, one that mixes peoples and customs from all corners of the Atlantic. A bit of North American modernity, a touch of old England class, and a dash of Afro-Caribbean flair—all within 21 square miles of limestone cliffs, emerald green islands engulfed in deep blue sea, and pink sand beaches.

If that isn't enough to intrigue you, here are seven more reasons why Bermuda should be the vacation destination you travel to this offseason:

1. Location

Bermuda's proximity to America has influenced its economy and culture for its entire 400+ year history.

The island is located just under 700 miles due east off the coast of North Carolina. Flights from the New York City metro area, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and the Carolinas are all under two hours, and you can Travel there from Atlanta and Miami in under three. This makes it an ideal travel escape from the stresses of urban life for millions of Americans.

2. Weather

Although technically not a tropical island, Bermuda experiences relatively warm temperatures through December and often beyond thanks to the moderating effects of the Atlantic Gulf Stream. So even though summer is over, the island is a solid vacation option to hide from the cool winds of Fall and the snows of Winter being experienced throughout much of North America, and, since Bermuda is so far north, it often escapes the hurricanes that plague the Caribbean proper.

3. Pink sand beaches

If you'd rather a winter waterpark than wonderland, another reason to drop everything and book a flight to Bermuda is its beaches. Rated as some of the best in the world (and some are actually pink!), there is no better place to enjoy the ocean this time of year.

4. Scenery

Besides the pink sand beaches and crystal clear waters, the island's architecture is one of a kind.

The pastel-colored cottages and limestone roofs are built in traditional Bermudian style, going perfectly with the pristine, natural environment.

5. Friendly people

Perhaps the best thing about Bermuda isn't its beaches or beautiful buildings, but its people. The mix of Caribbean friendliness and old-world sensibility makes Bermudians some of the most polite and amiable people in the world.

Don't be startled if, while walking in the capital city of Hamilton's streets, a stranger says "Good Morning" or "How are you" to you. They're not trying to sell you something or steal your purse (like they do in some other Caribbean islands). Rather, they are genuinely interested in the well-being of a stranger—a novel and very welcome concept in today's world.

6. Old world feel

Tracing its history back to English settlers trying to reach the new world in 1609, Bermuda is to this day very much a remnant of that past. It's still an official overseas territory of Britain, and much of that has lended itself to the island's look and feel, with things moving a bit more slowly—what locals like to call "island time."

Besides driving on the left side (or riding if you decide to rent a motorbike), you'll be able to explore the island's 90+ fortifications and scuba dive the over 400 shipwrecks—living relics of Bermuda's colonial past.

Or you can get that picture in a red phone booth without having to fly all the way to London.

7. New world amenities

Despite its old-world vibe, Bermuda has very much with the 21st Century. If you're looking to be active, the island boasts numerous water (and land) sports—including some of the world's premier golf courses. The capital of Hamilton is a financial hub that boasts numerous high-qualify restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops for anything you could possibly need.

Of course, if you're concerned about missing out on work or something else back home, don't worry—some of the beaches have wifi and the whole island has cell service. Whether or not you use it, of course, is your decision.

Bermuda is another world

As the old local song goes, "Bermuda is another world, 700 miles out at sea, and the way the people greet you, is like a friendly melody." Those words, composed and sung by iconic Bermudian Hubert Smith some 70 years ago, ring true today.

The tiny British overseas territory of Bermuda is as remote as it is beautiful—and it's the perfect getaway from it all this offseason.