baby Butz is a diaper cream recommended by pediatricians that is also used in hospital neonatal units. Named as the most effective and safest diaper rash cream, Baby Butz features all-natural ingredients and can be purchased without a prescription. Its claim to fame is that it can heal most diaper rashes in as little as four to six hours.

The Baby Butz diaper cream was invented by a woman named Majda Ficko after her son, Demitri, was born with Cornelia de Lange syndrome, a rare condition that rendered him disabled. Demitri has been in diapers for his entire twenty years of life.

Demitri's rare syndrome and medical issues were the reasons for many emergency trips to the hospital throughout his young life, that's where Majda found that the hospital pharmacy provided a prescription product that helped Demitri's severe diaper rashes.

When the pharmacy closed, Majda could not find another product on the market that worked as well as the one they created. So, she researched and asked medical professionals for information on safe and effective ingredients that could be used in a skin rash cream. Armed with information, she hired a Research Chemist and spent over two years creating the perfect diaper cream for Demitri. Initially, Majda only intended the cream to be used for her son but a doctor at the Children's Rehabilitation Center in Winnipeg convinced her that other children would benefit from it too.

Majda started a company called Olen Cosmetics which now manufacturers and distributors Baby Butz as well as other all-natural and completely healthy hair and body care products. Based in Canada, all of Olen’s products are FDA Registered and licensed NPN by Health Canada. Aside from being entirely natural, Baby Butz is not tested on animals, and it is both paraben-free and gluten-free.

It has earned a "Seal of Approval" from the parent-approved "Parent Tested" website. Majda has even handed the cream out in Hollywood at the Golden Globe and Oscar award ceremonies. Today, celebrities and doctors both endorse the cream, which can heal diaper rash in only a few hours.

Majda Ficko recently discussed her experiences creating this product and others via an exclusive interview.

Cosmetics and creams

Meagan Meehan (MM): You started out working in the cosmetics industry, so what was it about that field that interested you?

Majda Ficko (MF): I started out as a cosmetologist, I am a hairstylist by trade. I own two speciality children’s hairstyling salons and I was in the process of franchising the concept across Canada until my son was born. While pulling a franchise plan together I was working with a chemist to make my own line of shampoos and hair styling products for children, to sell through the franchises.

MM: When your son was born, you were inspired to formulate this baby cream, so what do other brands include that made them particularly unsatisfactory?

MF: My son was born with a very rare syndrome called Cornelia de Lange, which leaves him severely mentally and physically disabled and prone to infections.

Demitri can’t walk, talk, or eat by mouth and is in diapers 24/7 and he always suffered from severe diaper rashes. I bought every brand on the market that promised a cure, most didn’t help and some of the products not only didn’t heal his rashes but made them worse. The reason I decided to make my own was because a few of the products that hurt him and made him cry out in pain. I later learned the reasons for the poor results from those diaper rash creams. The creams that didn’t work, heal, or protect, were mostly made of oils and waxes and the ones that hurt my son or made his rash worse contained alcohol, chemicals, and perfumes… ingredients that are NOT necessary and in my opinion, should never be used in baby products.

MM: Was it difficult for you to find the exact mix of ingredients to create this cream, especially since you use all-natural products?

MF: My chemist was a big help…with her expertise, she was able to suggest certain ingredients but I also sought information from pharmacists and doctors. The most valuable information came from a doctor who worked in a hospital burn ward. Most people don’t realize that diaper rash is actually a chemical burn. I needed a product that was safe, simple, and effective. My son was the test subject and it took over two years to perfect a product that did two jobs, heal and protect the skin quickly and safely.

MM: Typically, how much healthier is it overall to stick with all-natural creams instead of those which contain chemicals?

MF: It takes just twenty-six seconds for the chemicals from your Personal Care Products to enter your bloodstream. If that sentence doesn’t scare you…think about chemicals racing through your bloodstream and affecting your organs and hormones. It’s scary to imagine the after effects when you use them on a fragile baby or any person with a compromised immune system. In my opinion…I believe that chemicals we use in our food and personal care products are to blame for a lot of medical conditions.

Inventing, helping, and the future

MM: How did you get the Baby Butz cream on the market and what has the response from users been like?

MF: I never intended to sell the cream I invented, I only made it to help my son.

It was only after my son’s doctor’s insistence and a comment from one of his other doctors at the Children’s Rehabilitation Center that made me decide to sell the product. He asked me why my son should be the only one to benefit and suggested that I should market the cream to help others. I realized that there were other children suffering like my Demitri had and other parents like myself who felt helpless seeing their child in pain. So, after obtaining an NPN (Natural Product Number) from Health Canada, the team of Pediatricians at the Manitoba Medical Clinic and independent Pediatricians across Canada started to help me by handing out samples to their patients. From there, I started knocking on Pharmacy doors, health product stores and baby boutiques, it was not difficult to get on shelves especially when they learned that doctors were endorsing the product.

As for the response to the product, all one has to do is look at Baby Butz on Amazon, I haven’t seen another product that can compete in terms of ratings and reviews.

MM: Aside from babies and the disabled, can this cream also be useful to people such as professional bike riders and/or other sports professionals?

MF: This formulation will heal most skin issues, eczema, light burns, and scratches, dermatitis, chafing, hemorrhoids. I just heard from a gymnastic group that they use the cream on their hands because their palms get all cut up on the bars and my product helps heal the skin. I have hockey teams use the cream on their feet in the skates, Cyclists use it on the inside thighs to prevent chafing, weightlifters use it for heat rash.

Field workers are using it on the skin to prevent poison ivy. Cooks are using it in the kitchen to help with oven burns. The cream also heals with non-severe eczema. I had to side brand the product and call it Supraderm because one-third of my customers are adults using it for their own skin conditions and they didn’t want to go into a baby aisle to find the product. There are now 6 patients that have used it for the Shingles rash. Instead of the 5-8 weeks of painful rash, Supraderm heals it in five to eight days!

MM: This invention has led you to the Golden Globes and it has even been promoted by contestants from "Dancing With The Stars." How did these opportunities present themselves and did you ever imagine Baby Butz getting this popular?

MF: Opportunities presented themselves after I submitted my product for reviews. Baby Butz cream has won many Awards and has been endorsed by many medical professionals, mommy bloggers, and spokespeople. Each award had its own following, press releases and news agencies that got the word out. Did I ever imagine Baby Butz cream getting this popular? Absolutely, this product heals most rashes in four to six hours and can do so without the use of chemicals or causing a skin reaction.

MM: What is the best part of being an inventor and are you presently working on any interesting new creations?

MF: The absolute best part is knowing I am helping people and that the cream is making a difference in people’s lives.

We recently received a Provisional Patent on 100 percent all-natural sunscreens that are 50+ SPF, called Sunblocz and Sunblocz Baby+Kids. Products getting ready to roll out include a 100 percent all-natural Sunburn Spray formulation that will reduce inflammation and stop the painful stinging from sunburns and other light burns. A 100 percent all-natural Eczema formulation and a 100 percent all-natural Shampoos and Conditioners for babies and children.

MM: How do you hope the Baby Butz brand will evolve over the next decade?

MF: I fully expect Baby Butz cream to become the number one brand in North America. As for the brand itself, I will be producing a full baby line to compliment the product.

This will make buying decisions easier for parents that want and need safe, healthy, and trustworthy products to use on their babies and children. I would like people to know that Olen Cosmetics Corporation is not a beauty company. We make products that help and not just cosmetically. I started with Baby Butz cream and it is Demitri’s legacy. I believe he was born to me so that I could help not only him but now many babies, children, and adults. I plan to continue with this purpose as I expand the company brands.