The traditional tobacco based cigarette has been banned from public places long time back, and was substituted by the e-cigarette which is believed to be less harmful. However, this alternative is also on the way out in New York State.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has already signed a bill to ban these cigarettes from places frequented by people and these are workplaces, restaurants, and bars. The ban will go into effect in 30 days.

After the imposition of ban on smoking tobacco products in public indoor areas, the e-cigarettes emerged to fill the void. These are not tobacco based but are a combination of products that vaporize a variety of oils into an inhalant.

It’s a billion dollar industry

New York Times reports that the e-cigarette is a $2.5-billion industry. The health consequences of the product are yet to be fully understood, and nicotine addiction continues to remain a matter of concern. According to a 2016 study, it has been revealed that the number of children who had tried out the products have doubled within two years. As a result, the state has already imposed a ban on e-cigs from all school grounds.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has admitted that these products are marketed as a healthier alternative to normal tobacco based cigarettes. However, these also come with long-term risks, and cannot claim to be safe or healthy. In his opinion, the ban will help to make the city of New York more health conscious at a later date.

Threats from tobacco products have reduced considerably, but the e-cigarette could revive the urge.

Manufacturers are unhappy

The proposed ban on the e-cigarette in New York State has not gone down well with the manufacturers. Their main argument is that this product does not emit smoke and, hence, should not come under the purview of the ban.

However, the main argument in favor of the ban is that it protects the children, and keeps them away from the influence of the cigarette in all its forms. It will also act as a deterrent against experimenting with tobacco products at a later date.

Incidentally, the tobacco growers have been feeling the pinch ever since health concerns have come to light and restrictions have been imposed.

It is a global issue, and governments all over the world are cautious. Various options are in place to warn smokers about the dangers of surrendering to tobacco and, it is now being extended to cover the e-cigarette. The objective is to have a healthy society because tobacco affects the two vital organs of the body namely, the heart and the lungs.

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