After an eight-year study, scientists of the German research network Bioacid (Biological Impacts of Ocean Acidification) have concluded that the health of the oceans is deteriorating. Climate scientists have cautioned that there is an urgent need to control Co2 Emission to ensure the survival of Marine Life. Unless that is done, the species will be ruined because the acidity of the oceans is on the rise threatening species like mollusks and corals.

Scientists who were involved in the study have highlighted the risks and their effect on the food chain due to the rising acidity in the oceans.

It is a byproduct of Global warming as a result of carbon emission. The acid content in the ocean increases when carbon dioxide in the atmosphere dissolves in seawater and humans are responsible for this sad state of affairs.

Major findings of the study

Sky News reports that one of the major findings of the study is that dangers would be highest in the case of infant sea creatures. An example is the cod - their numbers could fall drastically by the end of the century if acidification is not checked.

According to one of the experts, there may not be any direct effect on the marine life from rising acidity. However, the effect could be felt indirectly because of other associated parameters like changes to its habitat or food chain.

The only way out is to reverse the trend by reducing CO2 emission and arrest global warming. Both of these are within the control of humans who must rise to the occasion to save the marine creatures.

Climate change is responsible for our ills

The study will be presented later this month at a UN climate conference in Bonn, Germany.

It highlights the fact that reducing CO2 emission is important to preserve the stability of the oceans. Increased acidity disturbs the ecological balance which has a direct bearing on the well-being of marine life because they might lose their regular habitats, and have to adjust to new environments.

Global warming and carbon emissions are interlinked issues that need to be addressed.

The culprit is fossil fuel which leads to the generation of carbon dioxide. This must be checked to ensure a clean and healthy environment. During a conference on climate change held in Paris, most of the countries have agreed to tackle these issues. There is now a greater awareness among the people, and alternatives to fossil fuels are being explored. Work has already been taken up in earnest to by some countries to promote electric cars, and some of them have set targets to eliminate fossil fuels.