It’s incredibly tempting to eat all the leftover Halloween Candy, am I right? There’s no more telling yourself that it has to be saved. The holiday came and went and like normal, and you spent too much. But rather than spend the week after Halloween binging on all things sweet and then regretting it, here’s a few ideas on what you can do with all that candy instead (after setting aside a few of your favorites).

How to put your leftover Halloween candy to good use

  • Keep giving it away

What better way to use your candy than to give it to others? That was the whole purpose to begin with, right?

So, why not keep it going if you have leftovers and pay a visit to a woman’s shelter or a veteran’s hospital or senior citizen’s home to share your Halloween treats.

  • Have a candy party

If you need a reason to have a Dinner Party, here’s one for you. Invite some friends over - perhaps focusing on those who live in apartment buildings and don’t get trick’o’treaters or the one’s who had to work on Halloween or really anyone who likes candy - and throw a dinner party where candy’s the star. Make a one pot wonder type dish and serve candy for desert. Also, play games where the winners get to take candy home with them.

  • Bring it to work

I think it’s fair to say that free snacks in workplace kitchens go like hot cakes.

My advice is to bring a big bowl, fill it with all your leftovers, and let your co-workers do their thing. Chances are that candy will not last more than a couple days after Halloween, if that.

  • Look to see if a local business will buy it back

Do a search to see if businesses near you are participating in a Halloween candy buy back program.

Often times, dentists will buy your excess candy in return for things like toothbrushes and floss, but note this is not only limited to dentists. Yes, this is a real thing. Look it up.

  • Save it

There are several upcoming holidays right after Halloween. Perhaps you may want to save this candy to serve or give out at Thanksgiving or over Christmas weekend, not to mention New Years Eve is then right around the corner.

Check for expiration dates and don’t be scared to freeze chocolate to use for eating or cooking at a later time.

While it may seem like leftover Halloween candy is just calling for you to binge out on it, why not brace yourself and first think about the fact that there are other options? It doesn't have to go to waste and can actually be used for fun. I’d love to hear any you have as well!