Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences one can have. It doesn’t only take you away from the Daily routines but also from your comfort zone. We get to learn about different places, countries, continents, cultures, people, food, etc. We become more open-minded with every new trip we take. Many people would say their travel bucket list is too long and the life too short. Some say traveling is a positive type of addiction. Check whether you are addicted.

You’re planning your next trip while still in the current one

Your plane hardly even landed and you still haven’t reached your doorstep, but you know where you’re going next?

You even know what will be in your suitcase or backpack? You’re addicted to traveling. This is normal as all the excitement and impressions from your previous journey float through your head, and you’re trying to process them. Maybe someone in that trip told you about a must-see location, and you immediately decided to visit it next or added it to your bucket list. The feeling of curiosity and anticipation when planning a trip to a new location is very hard to explain to those who never felt it.

Your savings are reserved for traveling

You don’t feel sorry to put money aside during a particular period because you know what you’re saving for. You don’t regret you didn't buy that piece of clothing you liked and you keep a modest lifestyle for some time.

While others talk about buying new cars, devices, clothes, etc., you can only think about booking an affordable flight on time, setting the date and bringing money on the trip to be able to enjoy it fully.

You don’t feel good if you haven’t traveled in a while

Maybe you’ve been busy, or you couldn’t get any days off for several months, so you weren’t able to travel somewhere distant.

You just don’t Feel Good, and you feel like something’s missing. Yup, that’s travel addiction. You feel annoyed and bored, maybe even anxious because you don’t know when you’ll be able to feel those tingling sensations related to traveling again. It’s all normal. Everyday life can get boring for wanderers, and they just need new adventures and challenges.

You read a lot of travel blogs

Your Instagram or YouTube follow list includes many people whose nicknames contain words like ‘’travel’’, ‘’wanderlust’’, ‘’wanderer’’ etc. While others spend a lot of time reading novels or newspapers, you read travel experiences and recommendations and inquire about places off the beaten path. Yes, you’re addicted. It’s always good to read or listen to other people’s experience and dos and don’ts, so you’ll be fully prepared for your next adventure.

There are many stamps in your passport and currencies in your wallet

Stamps are a clear evidence of your addiction to traveling. You have stamps from everywhere, and with time it becomes hard for officials to find a free corner to stamp when you enter a new country.

You rarely get to the expiration date of your current passport; you need to get a new one before that because of the lack of stamp space. You open your wallet and find so many coins that can’t be used in your country. You take them out and add them to your collection of foreign currencies because you know you’re going to need them soon again.