The marriage vows say, "Till death do us part," but for a 93-year-old Glennville, Georgia widower, love for his wife goes beyond death. That's because Clarence Purvis takes a photo of his deceased wife and puts it on the table with him whenever he eats at Smith's diner, his favorite restaurant. This is his way of having a lunch date with his late wife. They had many meals at the restaurants together, so the staff knows Clarence used to take his wife there on many occasions. Now, it is a framed photo that faces him while he eats.

People magazine reported on this story on Thursday, October 19, 2017, even though it happened some time ago, and it has been going viral for a while because it is such a touching human interest story that reminds people that true love still exists.

The widower's story

Clarence Purvis and his late wife, Carolyn, had been married 63 years when she died in 2013. They met in 1948, fell in love and got married the next year. They spent all those years with each other happily married. They did everything together, and Purvis still misses his wife.

Since her death, the widower devotes his time keeping his wife's memory alive, and he is not ashamed to go to his favorite restaurant and eat with an oversized photo of her in a frame facing him. For Clarence, it is a reminder of when they used to eat there together. Clarence doesn't do it for fame, but he has become the talk of the town where he lives.

Other photos and cemetery visits

Purvis has an entire collection of photos and mementos around his house to remind him of Carolyn.

His coffee table is full of framed photos of her. He has a lamp that has not been turned off since Carolyn's death. A picture of her is underneath the lamp so the light will always shine on the photo.

Purvis has been interviewed many times about his undying love for Carolyn. He tells reporters and others that she was with him when she was alive, and he believes wholeheartedly that she is still with him.

Even though many people have suggested that Clarence move on with someone else, he had told them that no one will ever replace Carolyn. He lets people know that no one has ever loved another as much as he and his wife loved each other. Therefore, no one else will ever be able to take her place.

Not only does Clarence eat with Carolyn's photo on the table with him, he goes to the Glenville Cemetery at least four times every day to talk to her. He estimates that he goes there at least 125 times a month, but he doesn't mind because he says he loves her that much, and he misses her that much.