You might be having the same problem as the rest of the dieters out there: the number on the scale refuses to go down. If you're pretty sure that you've tried all the diet fads and you're still not getting any results, it is definitely time for you to think about tweaking your habits. It may not be about the latest trend in dieting but about personal discipline and choices. Let's Start by seriously sticking to these rules.

PopSugar talks about the rules that shouldn't be broken if you want to see changes in your weight.

Eat the most important meal of the day

Breakfast is considered to be an essential meal. It's a wonder, though, why a lot of people are skipping it. It may be because of a busy lifestyle, lack of preparation or any other reason. This time though, consider this - it will definitely help if you eat breakfast every morning.

WebMD reports on a study that shows the importance of breakfast. The study involved the analysis of government data of 4,200 adults. Those who ate breakfast had a tendency to exercise regularly. The women who were breakfast eaters ate fewer calories throughout the day.

You have to initiate changes in your eating habits

You cannot expect the scale number to go down if you're still munching on junk food in between meals or eating bowls of ice cream every day.

This might be the challenging part so you have to evaluate your eating habits. WebMD adds that by doing so, you can save yourself from eating too many calories, tipping the scales in your favor.

In addition to this, eat something healthy and nutritious. Start eating a balanced meal that consists of dairy, fruits, vegetables, and protein.

Don't forget your occasional dessert on cheat days to stave off cravings.

Portion your intake of healthy foods

Some people think that if something is 'healthy', they can go all-out when eating these types of food. That's not always the case. We consider nuts, avocados, and brown rice to be highly nutritious but you have to be careful with your calorie intake.

It is crucial to know and understand the appropriate portion sizes for creating healthy and balanced meals.

Reader's Digest mentions that there are portion control tricks that promote weight loss. They suggested that just by picturing household and personal items, it can help you visualize the right portion for particular foods.

Take note of calories in and calories out

Your calorie intake should not exceed the number of calories that you burn. Stop thinking that you can splurge on lunch or dinner because you ran for an hour that day. This is one of the pitfalls in dieting as it eventually leads to weight gain. You really have to count your calorie intake and do the math.

There is a saying that old habits die hard. This may be true but if you try hard enough, you can prove them wrong. Make sure to maintain consistency in your eating habits so you won't have to worry about gaining your old weight back.