Sportswear company Nike has recently unveiled its latest pair of sneakers, inspired by Red Velvet cupcakes. The shoe has the same colors that are found in the dessert cakes.

The new pair of Nike sneakers is a variant of the Kevin Durant shoes. According to the company’s official website, it is officially called the “KDX Red Velvet,” inspired by both the cupcake flavor and Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant.

It has a red and black textured detail, resembling the bread texture of the Red Velvet cupcakes.

The latest sneakers are available for $150, in various sizes.

Durant is a 'cupcake'

Nike explained the inspiration behind their newest offering, and how the name of Kevin Durant has been associated with the dessert. When the basketball superstar left his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunders, and was transferred as a free agent to the Golden State Warriors, his former teammates called him “cupcake.”

It has been said that Durant regained composure from this “insult,” with this new sneaker line from the footwear company.

The “KDX Red Velvet” pays tribute to him as the smoothest game player in court, and his journey to the “sweet taste of victory.”

Nike said that the Golden State Warriors star has been known for his fluid movements throughout games. He has an unbelievable offensive game and dominates the matchups with his blend of versatility and size.

“At the end of the day, winning is all that matters and anything else is just icing on the cake,” the company noted.

Sales for this footwear started last August, and the product is still out on the market today.

Nike's sales

The 2017 NBA Finals crowned Durant’s team, the Golden State Warriors, champions of the NBA. The former Oklahoma City Thunder forward was the top scorer in the series as the Warriors clinched the championship.

He scored an average of 35 points, five assists, and 84 rebounds.

The Warriors won the series 4-1 against the defending champion, the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James. The team secured a 129-120 victory at the Oracle Arena to clinch the title during the 2017 NBA Finals. The Warriors have several stars on the team including Klay Thompson and Stephon Curry.

The release of the Red Velvet-inspired sneakers is expected to help Nike regain itself in terms of its sales. Blasting News earlier reported that the company has experienced low sales in August since consumers think that the prices of their signature shoes are too expensive.

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