In an era where modern and cutting-edge technology thrives, it’s really not surprising to learn that scientists are coming up with new innovations such as the latest Condom prototype called the Galactic Cap. According to the reports, this new product aims to enhance the "feeling of sex.”

Charles Powell, a Californian investor who designed the new condom, believes that traditional condoms are doing a “poor job” in the prevention of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), and pregnancy because most men don’t want to use them.

Hence, he created what he dubbed as the world’s “finest condom.”

Traditional condoms

Condoms are described as “thin, stretchy” and protective pouches used by males during sexual intercourse to prevent STD infections and pregnancy. As per Planned Parenthood, they are often made of lambskin, latex (rubber) or plastic (polyurethane, nitrile or polyisoprene). Unfortunately, condoms made of lambskin do not protect against STDs.

In terms of effectiveness, this common form of contraceptive is deemed 85 percent effective at pregnancy prevention.

They also have several advantages — affordable, effective, convenient, no side effects, and help birth control methods to work even better. However, Powell’s research revealed that 96 percent of men and women don’t like to use condoms “because they reduce sensitivity during intercourse.”

Galactic Cap

Powell’s Galactic Cap, on the other hand, promises to boost the “feeling of sex” while it prevents the transmission of STDs and pregnancy.

According to Newsweek, this newly designed product comes with a “small adhesive pad” made from two-ply polyurethane material, which is placed over the top of the penis to collect semen and fold over just like a butterfly Band-Aid.

What really set this revolutionized condom apart from the traditional ones is the fact that the shaft and the rim of the head are left exposed to sensation thus, enhancing sexual pleasure.

Powell also explained that Galactic Gap could reduce the risks of HIV and STDs infection because men won’t have a “sore or abrasion” on their penis.

Since the semen is contained between the condom’s polyurethane sheets, the transmission of the HIV infection can be prevented. Powell is also optimistic that through Galactic Cap, many will be encouraged to use condoms, which could lead to the decline of sexually transmitted diseases, WAToday noted. Unfortunately, the prototyped birth control method has yet to be tested in clinical trials and yet to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Due to Powell’s promising product, Curtin University student Len Rowell invested $5,000 to Galactic Cap after testing the product several times. Rowell admitted that he hated using condoms but after searching various types online and found Powell’s creation, he gave it a try.

According to Rowell’s feedbacks, the product was quite “phenomenal” because “50 percent of the head” felt every sensation. The new product, however, is more suited for monogamous couples since it doesn’t protect against diseases contracted via skin-to-skin contact such as herpes and crabs, just like the traditional ones.

WA Sexual Health Quarters spokeswoman, Rebecca Smith, also warned to use the new product with caution until it has been approved. World Association of Sexual Health President, Rosemary Coates, on the other hand, stressed the need to test the product meticulously because users might be more vulnerable to STDs as it leaves the vaginal walls and the shaft exposed and unprotected.

Meanwhile, the online crowd-funding initiative for the research and development of Powell’s product has reportedly raised $100,000. The University of California, Long Beach has also pledged its support. In terms of sales, Powell got a great deal in Australia, England, and Germany.

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