US president Donald Trump recently issued statements on the issues surrounding North Korea’s nuclear weapons, and Twitter users said he channeled a popular television series.

According to Refinery29, Trump’s recent statements on the North Korean missile tests “might be the worst Daenerys Targaryen cosplay” that has ever been made.

“North Korea should not launch any more threats to the United States or they will be met with Fire And Fury like the world has never seen,” the United States president spoke to reporters on Tuesday.

He added that the North Korean president Kim Jong-un has appeared much of a threat “beyond a normal statement.”

“And as I said, they will be met with fire, fury and frankly, power the likes of which the world has never witnessed before,” Trump further stated according to Refinery29.

Trump and North Korea

The United States and North Korea have long been in this issue for several years. But recently, Refinery29 pointed out that the Asian county has succeeded in making a miniaturized nuclear element able to fit within its missile.

With the current nuclear missile tests being held, the latest developments can reportedly usher the country toward becoming one of the world’s most powerful nuclear threats.

The statement by the president happened during a briefing with the press which tackled the issue of opioid addiction. The briefing reportedly was held at his golf course in New Jersey, where he issued “Games of Thrones-like” statements to the North Korean leader.

The Refinery29 article recommended that Trump should refrain from watching “Game of Thrones” and reconsider his words when speaking to the other leaders from different nations.

Twitter reacts

The parallelism of Trump’s recent statements and “Game of Thrones” spread like wildfire on Twitter. Social media users are abuzz of how it sounded.

A netizen named Christopher Smith with username @smitallica wrote, “Jesus. He might as well just say Dracarys!”

“I think we can all guess what Trump was watching Sunday night,” said Christian Schneider (@Schneider_CM) on his Twitter post.

For netizen Lina Cush, the president then was channeling the Mad King from the hit television series. Meanwhile, another user named Stephen Laferriere was speechless over the comment, saying that she loves the series’ egomaniac leaders and innocent people dying.

Some Twitter users also reportedly pointed out that the world has been into so much fire and fury, placing Trump’s comments aside.