Every summer, our youngest and smallest aspiring entrepreneurs have their parents muscle up some plywood while they doodle neatly the words, “Fresh Lemonade for a $1.00!”

In hopes of earning some extra pocket cash to put away in their piggy banks, youngsters for quite some time have been retailing their home-made freshly squeezed lemonade.

But one girl is different than the other kiddo's. She isn't selling Lemonade for a new Barbie, or a video game, etc, she is doing this to raise money for the Children's Medical Center at Tampa General Hospital.

Meet 9 year old, Avery Ranieri

Her name is Avery Ranieri.

She may only be nine years old, but she already understands the importance of philanthropy making an impact in other people's life.

Avery has a little brother named, Evan. When Evan was only two years old, he needed a kidney transplant because he was born with kidney disease. Having experienced the heartache, and the stress her family endured from it, one day, Avery decided she wanted to help in any we she could.

During an ordinary summer day, Avery grabbed her piggy bank, which had amassed $20, and brought it downstairs to tell her mother that she was giving it all to the Tampa General Hospital to benefit patients of the Children's Medical Center.

Since the family has experience so much adversity, and has spent countless hours at the Tampa General Hospital, the medical center for children has become like a second home for them.

Her kindness and philanthropy didn't stop there, she decided to use the lemonade stand her father built for her from before, so she could make and sell lemonade and contribute half of the funds for the children at Tampa General Hospital, according to the hospital's website.

Avery is selling "cups of kindness" for people in need

So on August fourth, Avery will be setting up her stand to sell what she calls, “cups of kindness,” outside at a local business named, Tebella's Tea Company. With Tebella on board, Avery will be selling Tebella's Earl Grey lavender lemonade.

Avery, along with her family hope the lemonade stand will be a huge success. What they hope for the most though, is that this will show people that giving and donating can make a huge difference in someone's life.

She may be a pretty little nine year old blond, but what Avery Ranieri already understands, is the significance of giving back to those in need -- a virtual we all should be living by.

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