Alright, let's be honest here. The long vacation during summer is just filled with diet pitfalls. A casual meet-up with friends or a simple dinner with your siblings might spark the start of your waistline nightmare.

Overeating is the number one pitfall

The worst: going back to your parents' house for a visit may have been a bad idea because of the enormous amount of food popping out of the kitchen, and you just can't stop eating. The food at the barbecue party and oh, that yummy ice cream you had a while ago might turn into a Binge Eating session.

Stop. Think, "I want to go back to how I was before summer crept in." What are you going to do about it?

According to, making sure that you are eating the proper food and in-taking the proper nutrients is essential in a successful diet. Also, it's vital to reset your eating habits.

Start with these tips

  • Eat breakfast.

Most of us have a lot going on. We often neglect our breakfast because we're so busy. If you want to remain healthy, that shouldn't be the case. Even if you don't feel like eating, think about it as the most important meal of the day.

That sounds like an overused phrase, but it is indeed true. Observe your strength levels when you eat breakfast vs. when you don't and you'll notice a big difference.

  • Eat frequent meals.

Eat something in between preferably in 3-5 hours interval. Duke Health says your metabolism improves when you eat small and frequent meals. The cells in the Body maintain blood sugar levels better, and it controls your hunger too.

Partner this habit with exercise and there's a good chance that your weight loss goals will be achieved!

  • Water is life.

Choose water rather than sodas, juices and other drinks. WebMD says that water can be found practically in anything. Our body's composition includes water and the same is true about the foods that we eat.

Drinking water is essential to maintain the balance of body fluids. Water plays a role in digestion, transportation of nutrients and body temperature maintenance.

If you can, stay away from bubbly beverages and sweetened drinks. Plain water can be a bit boring so just try something different this time. Put some berries, cucumber, mint or lemon in your water. You'll definitely enjoy it better.

  • Don't phase out carbohydrates completely.

You can cut back on carbohydrates but don't phase it out entirely. Doing so will eventually lead to a rebound effect, commonly known as binge eating. Portion your intake so you can limit it properly.

  • Dark chocolate is your friend.

Oh, please don't say you're going to give up sugar altogether. It's not a realistic approach, and just like the example above, it may lead to binge eating as well.

A small amount of Dark Chocolate is not going to harm your diet.

What are you waiting for? Try these tips and transform your body this fall!

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