Prince Harry has taken Meghan Markle on a romantic holiday to Africa to celebrate her 36th birthday. The 32-year-old prince and the "Suits" actress have been dating for almost a year and have spent a considerable amount of time together. Meghan and her mother were in London last week but returned to Toronto so Meghan could wrap up filming "Suits." Then the actress flew back to London to celebrate her birthday with the love of her life.

On Friday, Prince Harry took Meghan to Africa on a romantic holiday. Both of them were smiling as Prince Harry wrapped his arm around Meghan when they were walking on the tarmac.

They were dressed casually and were wearing matching caps. Meghan carried something in her arms that looked like a birthday present.

Prince Harry took the time to give onlookers a thumbs-up. Their destination is making people speculate that they might become engaged while they are away.

Will Harry propose?

People think Harry might propose to Meghan because Africa is a popular spot for engagements and honeymoons. That's where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton seven years ago. After their engagement, Kate said they were on a holiday in Africa and it was a very romantic. Perhaps it will be a similar experience for Prince Harry and Meghan.

Sources say that Prince Harry had been planning the romantic trip for a long time and had put a lot of thought into the itinerary to make sure it is as romantic as possible.

It has been reported that Harry thinks of Africa as his spiritual home and has been there on several occasions. He has said that's where he can get away from it all.

Whenever the couple is together, they like to spend private time enjoying each other's company. They intend to spend every minute together doing exciting things.

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Harry has planned for them to walk in the bush in the early morning, ride in boats across the lakes during the day and camp under the stars at night.

Both William and Harry have ties to Africa. Harry has done a lot of conservation work on that continent with endangered elephants and black rhinos. Meghan has done charity work in Africa, but she has never been there with Prince Harry or on a safari.

She is reported to have said she is excited to see Africa through Harry's eyes.

Harry's birthday

Friends of Harry said the prince wants to be engaged before he turns 33 on September 15. Therefore, this seems like it would be perfect timing for a proposal. The public is waiting to see if Meghan will come back wearing an engagement ring that was custom made by the Queen's jeweler.

Harry will see Meghan again on September 23. He will be in Toronto to open the Invictus Games for wounded Armed Forces veterans.