People can be categorized into an optimist or pessimist. Several health experts claimed that several factors could change the people's perspective on how they see the world. Here are the details on how to train the mind to be Optimistic.

Environment and mental health

A study published in the journal of Personality and Individual Differences revealed that optimism is about 25 percent inheritable. The research also suggests that the other 75 percent depends on the person’s environment and upbringing.

Licensed psychotherapist Karol Ward explained that optimism is both a personality trait and a product of the environment. He added that home environment displays a huge role in developing a person’s viewpoint from an early age. For example, if the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxed, children tend to develop a positive mental health.

Stanford professor Leah Weiss also suggested that some individual are naturally optimistic. Several people, on the other hand, learn to be optimistic as they found a new purpose in their life.

What is Optimism?

A report published in MSN revealed that most people define positivity with happiness. However, the two concepts are not the same thing.

Clinical social therapist Kimberly Hershenson explained that positive thinking does not mean that people have to ignore their problem. To achieve this kind of thinking, people must solve their dilemmas in a more productive method.

Hershenson further explained that a person could develop a skill that will allow them to cope up difficulties in life.

They can gain a full understanding of the situation while reducing negative feelings such as sadness, depression, and anxiety. This condition can be achieved through constructing a positivity perspective in life. It can also increase the individual’s lifespan and relationships.

A positive perspective can enhance a person's lifespan and improve relationships. It can also lead to a stronger immune system and better vascular health.

With this, they can be more successful in life.

Easy ways to become more optimistic

There are several ways to train the mind and become more optimistic. It includes acknowledging the situation and looking at it in another angle.

Psychiatrist and assistant professor Dr. Aparna Iyer explained that pessimistic people could look at the circumstances positively. For example, if a rain ruined the day, people can look for the benefits that they can gain during that day. However, they must acknowledge the situation and never deny the reality. Training the mind to do this will change both the viewpoint in the short term and train the individual’s brain to think more positively.

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