Nearly six months into the presidency of Donald trump, the support base of the Republican President is on the decline. Optimism among voters and his main supporters is beginning to wear off.

After Trump’s astonishing victory last year, six in 10 voters were highly optimistic about his administration. However, that figure declined to about 52 percent in March and recently around 43 percent, the poll conducted by Quinnipiac University indicated.

Core groups’ optimism fading

The poll indicates that approximately 53 percent of American voters said they were pessimistic about the direction the President would lead the nation during the remaining years of his administration.

Even the core groups that propelled Trump to victory are not excluded from the declining approval rating of the President nearly seven months into his presidency.

Optimism for the Trump administration even among his Republican voters slipped from almost 96 percent in January to nearly 84 percent in August, with just one in six Republican voters, saying they have confidence in the Trump presidency and are optimistic about the remaining years of his tenure.

The decline mostly comes among other core groups of the president. Optimism has dropped to an all-time low by more than 20 points. From around 74 percent in November to about 51 percent presently – among white groups without a College Degree that contributed immensely to his victory in last year's election.

Gradual decline among whites without a college degree

After the victory in November, Optimism slipped to about 45 percent among the white groups and more surprising, among the white women groups. Six in 10 are now pessimistic about the Trump administration.

Trump has recorded some achievements in terms of the economy, which has seen a massive boost in job creation.

However, he is left with no major legislative achievements with the collapse of the Republican health care overhaul bill..

The polls conducted by Quinnipiac showed a drastic decline in Trump’s approval rating among whites without a college degree just last month, but other polls indicate a steady downward change. According to IBT, "Overall, Trump owns a 61 disapproval rating and a 33 percent approval rating — the lowest in the poll's tracking of Trump."

The polls carried out by Gallup tracking on Trump’s approval rating by whites without a college degree indicates a steady decline. His approval rating as at January by this core group was 62 percent but has sharply dropped from 56 percent in May to about 54 percent in June and the latest was 53 percent in July.