Eyes are believed to be the window to a person’s soul but little did anyone know, nails also offer a valuable glimpse into what is going on inside the body. Experts believe that unpleasant nail symptoms are an indication of bigger health problems. An Australia-based nutritionist, and health expert, Fiona Tuck offers her view on how nails are connected to an individual’s health. She believes that a person’s nails are a huge indication of his/her health and well-being.

Nails indicates state of the health

As reported by The Daily Mail, there are several factors regarding nails such as their shape, texture, color, and strength that can be used to determine the state of an individual’s health.

Tuck reports that more than toe nails, finger nails are the most reliable source for knowing what a person’s health is like. She states that dry, brittle or cracked nails are a sign that suggests that the individual consists of too many Fatty Acids. Lack of essential minerals, proteins, and iron can also be concluded through this. Brittle Nails are an ongoing problem, and can even indicate calcium deficiency, adds Tuck.

The transverse ridges may be a result of direct trauma

Such a condition could be a result of several activities such as swimming and dishwashing. Spending too much time in low-humidity areas can also lead to dryness of nails. Another sign to look out for is whether there are white spots on nails. This symptom is a clear indication of a calcium deficiency.

According to Tuck, white spots usually occur when there is a lack of zinc or vitamin B6 in an individual. Sometimes, people also experience yellowing nails. Dr. John Anthony of Cleveland Clinic states that such situations usually occur with age and most times, natural. However, painting nails for too long can also give rise to this issue. Tuck states that one must also keep a look out for ridges occurring on nails.

The transverse (side-to-side) ridges may be a result of direct trauma or a more severe illness. It’s best that professional consultation is taken immediately in such situations. Horizontal ridges, on the other hand, arise due to a drug reaction. For example, if a person is going through chemotherapy, then he/she may have developed horizontal ridges on their nails.

Tuck concludes by saying that it is important to maintain the nail health by consuming good-quality food, especially which are high in, protein. For example, one must consume eggs, tofu, organic chicken and root vegetables among others to strike the perfect balance of health.

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