The relation between United States and North Korea may be far from cordial but it is not a setback for Tourists. America wants to impose a ban on travel to the secretive state and before that actually happens, some enthusiasts want to visit the country and enjoy the variety that it has to offer. The ban will take effect on September 1, after which U.S passports will no longer be valid in North Korea.

Tourists from the U.S. want to visit North Korea

CNN reports that, with fears of a US travel ban in the air, there is a rush among a section of Americans to go for a vacation to North Korea. They feel the threat of arrest and imprisonment is not a deterrent, neither are possible threats of a nuclear war.

They are tourists and want a change of scene. They want to appreciate the culture and cuisine of a new country and enjoy its surroundings even though it is obsessed with nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The reason for the ban was because of the mysterious death of a 22-year-old college student from Ohio in North Korea. He had been imprisoned there for nearly a year. When he returned to his parents, he was in a coma from which he never recovered. Obviously, the United States wants to ensure that such incidents are not repeated, hence the travel ban. It will not apply to journalists and certain others categories and exceptions will be at the discretion of the State Department. Under the terms of the ban, US passports will not be valid for travel to, through and in North Korea.

Those who intend to do so must obtain necessary permission.

Potentials of North Korea’s tourism

Tourism helps to create a bond between people and globetrotters travel to different destinations around the world to satisfy their curiosity while exchanging views and thoughts. Some destinations are known to be terror spots and the government issues advisories to caution tourists about the dangers.

However, many of them ignore the threats of terrorism because they are driven by a hidden urge to mingle with others.

As far as North Korea is concerned, it is a secretive state and there is curiosity among outsiders to know more about a country that is determined to build nuclear missiles. There is no official record maintained by the US State Department on the number of Americans who travel to North Korea, but according to tour operators, the numbers would be in the region of a few hundred every year.

Therefore, instead of imposing an outright ban, the United States could have issued an advisory to caution those who want to visit the country about possible dangers they might encounter and precautions that they should take.

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