Some marriages don't last long, so it is remarkable to hear about one that has lasted as long as a Portageville, Missouri Couple who just celebrated being married 75 years. Robert Nowell, 93, and his wife Marie, 89, got married on August 22, 1942. They celebrated their wedding anniversary early on Saturday, August 12 with family and friends at Golden Corral in Cape Girardeau with lots of food, cake, music, and conversations.

Large family

Many people attended the celebration, but it would have been a large crowd if only the family had shown up because the Nowells have a very large family.

The couple has seven children, 20 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.

After Robert and Marie met at a street carnival in Missouri, they married and began their family with five boys and two daughters including Robert, Donnie, M. Janet, Patricia, Ricky, Anthony, and Michael. They grew up being a close knit family. Daughter Patricia said her father worked as an equipment operator and her mother sold Blair products to take care of them as they grew up in Missouri.

The parents worked hard until they retired, and then they opened a thrift shop that sold used clothes, household items and used car parts. Not only were they still making a living for their family, but they were also providing a needed service to their community.

About the couple

Anthony, 59, said he knows his parents love each other, but they had to work hard at it for 75 years. They have gone through a lot together.

Patricia, 67, said she doesn't know if they have any special secret about making their marriage last for three-quarters of a century. She just knows that they never gave up on each other or their large family. She concluded that perhaps not giving up is the secret after all. Robert and Marie say they have had a pretty good life together and they are looking forward to having many more happy years with each other and with their large family.

Couple honored

Because being married for 75 years is quite an honor, a representative for U.S. Representative for Missouri's 8th Congressional District visited the couple and offered congratulations and gave the Nowells a U.S. Representatives medal. A letter was read to Robert and Marie thanking them for being role models in the community because they have set examples for other couples who might be struggling with their marriages and are thinking about giving up.

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