Authorities say the remains of a Colorado man who went missing last month have been found. He had been searching for the Treasure allegedly hidden by Forrest Fenn. Authorities believe the remains are those of Eric Ashby who hasn't been seen since the end of June after being on a rafting trip with three others who were searching in the Rocky Mountains.

Ashby's sister, Lisa Albritton, told ABC News that she wants justice for her 31-year-old brother. She believes foul play might have been involved since three others were unharmed while her brother died on June 28.

Third death

Authorities believe Ashby's death is the third one since people began searching for Fenn's Treasure Chest. One person who died while searching was Pastor Paris Wallace of Grand Junction. He was found dead in early June of 2017 near the Rio Grand after he went looking for the treasure. The other person who died was 54-year-old Randy Bilyeau. He had been missing since January of 2016, and his body was found along the Rio Grande in July of 2016. Like Ashby, Bilyeau had gone rafting in search of the treasure chest that allegedly contains diamonds, jewels, and gold coins.

Request from authorities

Fenn has been asked by New Mexico police authorities to call off the treasure hunt to prevent more deaths.

It is costly for search and rescue to locate dead bodies. Besides, it is dangerous for officers to go into the wilderness to search for remains. However, the 86-year-old art and antique dealer refuses to stop the search or to give more clues for locating the treasure. Several hundred emails have been sent with requests to stop the search.

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Officials have even suggested to Fenn to retrieve the chest himself to prevent more deaths.

The treasure

Fenn knows as long as the treasure stays hidden, the value will go up. He said if his belongings are not found by the time the $2 million contents are inflated to $10 million, he will go back to the exact spot and dig the chest up himself since it seems like he is the only one who knows where it is.

Last month, Fenn confirmed that he hid the valuables seven years ago, and they remain hidden to this day even though there have been hundreds of hunters, including men and women.

Fenn provided clues to the whereabouts of the treasure chest in a poem. He contends that searchers have come close to it. In fact, he has stated that some people have come as close as 200 feet away from his belongings but didn't realize it.