Forrest Fenn is an 86-year-old art and antique dealer who announced six years ago that he had hidden a chest full of valuables worth $2 million. He was in the news this week because a 52-year-old Colorado pastor died trying to find the Treasure Chest. This is the second time someone has died while trying to find the treasure. Last year, a man went missing in January, and his remains were not found until July.

Pete Kassetas, the Police Chief of New Mexico is pleading with Feen to do one of two things. He has been advised to either retrieve the treasure or call off the hunt to prevent more deaths.

Kassetas reminded Feen that the hunt is putting police officers and search and rescue teams in danger when they have to go into the wilderness to find missing people. Besides, it is very costly. On Thursday Kassetas said the search for the missing Colorado pastor used 150 people, 870 man hours, 12 search teams and a police helicopter that flew for three and a half hours at a cost of $875 an hour.

Feen's treasure chest

It is an interesting story about the treasure hunt. According to background information about Feen, he reportedly was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1988. He filled a chest with valuable and wrote his autobiography. He had planned to end his life in the wilderness with the chest beside him as his legacy.

Instead, he survived the cancer and decided not to end his life.

When he was 80 years old, he decided to hide the chest. He gave nine clues in his self-published 2011 memoir, "The Thrill of the Chase." According to Feen, a lot of people have solved the clues, but they still have not found the treasure.

Over the years, about 65,000 people have searched for the treasure chest that allegedly contains all kinds of precious jewels in addition to gold nuggets and gold coins.

Some people claimed they have already found it, but their claims were proven to be false. Feen has confirmed that many people have come within 500 feet of where he buried the chest. Some people have come within 200 feet to the spot where the treasure is buried.


Some people believe there is no treasure chest. They have voiced their opinion to Feen saying it is a hoax which he denies.

One woman believes it is not a physical chest, but a spiritual quest because the clues lead to a crucifix in Silverton, Colorado.

Feen has criticized the searchers for being hasty and not focused on what they are doing. He insists that he did not put the chest in a dangerous location. For that reason, he told the Sante Fe police that he does not intend to call off the search or retrieve the chest himself. However, Feen did say he will provide more clues to keep everyone safe.

When Feen appeared on the "Today" show back in 2013, he said the search is getting people outside to enjoy nature. The Tourism Department is inviting tourists to come to New Mexico to look for Fenn’s treasure.