We are now in full swing and the long-awaited Holidays are at the door. There is little time to think about physical fitness, and gyms are super-crowded too. The tripling of gym costs in some 'not casual' periods of the year is also a concern.

Problem solved

Fortunately, with the arrival of the web, many of these issues were somehow resolved. If you have little time and little economic resources, then don't worry. Some qualified fitness trainers are there who give their courses by posting them directly on Youtube. Below we listed six of the best.

Finally, you will have no more excuses for not training.The six best fitness classes to train from the living room on Youtube are listed below

1. Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper is among the most famous trainers in Italy and has helped men and women find physical fitness for over thirty years. Cooper's Youtube channel has thirty-three thousand followers.

2. Stefy and Mary

These two girls are passionate and experienced in Caribbean dances. They are perfect for all those who like to work at the rhythm of music using Zumba choreographies. Their Youtube channel has sixty-two thousand subscribers.

3. The Yoga Monkey

The yoga channel, suitable for beginners and where everything is explained briefly. They started the channel in 2011 and today counts forty thousand members.

4. Health in Motion

The channel was created in 2009 by coach Fabio Grassi and Michela Verardo. Inside, we can find videos to regain physical fitness, but also tips for good postural and facial gymnastics (aimed at anti-aging).

5. Fitness at home

The channel seeks to create simple workouts by taking advantage of readily available items in an apartment.

The videos featured include total body workouts and sequences targeted at individual body parts. The channel was founded in 2011 and currently counts seventy thousand members.

6. Easy way

The channel was created by Claudia Fink in 2013. Its goal is to bring the user to find the right physical fitness in relatively short periods through classes that tune each part of our body.

No more excuse

With the pack of chips, start a workout. Now there can be no more excuses. Holidays are getting closer, and the desire to regain physical fitness is getting bigger. Fortunately today everything is straightforward and handy.

Just have a good internet connection and a living room available, or a corner of the home reasonably free from distractions. One thing must be clear, do just what you know to do. If you are not sure about the decent workout, there can also be the risk of getting hurt.