Good brain or mental health is among the things many people tend to take for granted. Only when we hear about celebrities -- like in the case of E! News co-anchor Maria Menounos going through major brain surgery – or a friend or family becoming afflicted by a brain disorder do we realize the importance of brain health.

In the case of the television personality, the diagnosis was meningioma brain tumor. Symptoms of the condition may manifest from out of the blue. In the case of Maria Menounos, she was reported by People Celebrity to have experienced lightheadedness, headaches and slurred speech while at work on the set.

Apart from these symptoms, other signs that the brain may not be in tip-top shape are changes in memory or vision, weakness in the arms or legs, seizures, and memory loss.

Adopting a brain-healthy lifestyle

Such instances make some people seek information on things that trigger illness. Individuals are also increasingly becoming more interested in how to adopt and maintain a brain-healthy lifestyle. Health experts say that a surefire way to improve brain health is to eat well and opt for an overall holistic approach to wellness.

Besides good nutrition and proper stress management, cultivating positive emotional connections, as Dr. Elizabeth Zelinski, an expert on healthy aging and cognitive development noted, is crucial.

The mental health expert has stated in an interview with SharpBrains. com that cognitive decline is no longer an inevitable part of aging.

4 pillars for brain health

Declining cognitive health can affect even those in their prime. Many Americans nowadays are developing dementia, and brain training to improve cognition has sparked much interest.

In a nutshell, the four pillars of brain health that experts continually emphasize are balanced nutrition; regular physical exercise; stress management; and mental stimulation.

It is worth noting that we need not wait for serious illness to strike before making some lifestyle or health-related changes.

Striving to keep the brain healthy and increasing brain power can be done in some simple ways.

On the other hand, current life circumstances and demands or traumatic emotional memories may turn out too stressful for some people, thereby affecting their brain health. Naturopathic doctors suggest practicing mindfulness techniques, including positive affirmations and meditation. In his book, the New York Times bestseller “10% Happier,” Dan Harris mentioned how raw animal fear or panic can be nipped in the bud. Basic mindfulness meditation may help a great deal.

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