One of the most important things in life is taking care of yourself and eating right. America has been plagued by obesity, and a recent article named, "The three major lifestyle factors linked with a healthier, longer life," via The Sydney Morning Herald, pinpointed the three major lifestyle factors that contribute to a productive and healthy life.

The study

It is ideal to cut out massive intakes of sugar, carbohydrates, and fatty foods daily. There is a saying that too much of anything is not good in reality. Everything that is eaten should be in moderation and it helps to not eat meals with high levels of sugar or carbohydrates.

It is okay to cheat at times and eat fatty foods and sugar, but not in excess.

In addition, keeping high blood pressure at bay, sugar levels at normal, and cholesterol at a standard elevation all help to stay healthy and live a lengthy life. Everybody will know what the affects on the human body will be if you eat fast food daily and drink soda. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten on a daily basis to stay fit.

Even in today's society, people are Living longer with the advancement of technology and medicine. However, it is still important to take care of yourself.

An article by Sarah Berry on the Sydney Morning Herald, which actually is the news site of the year states the three major factors in living a healthy and lengthy life.

The three will not surprise you because they are pretty common.

The three factors

The three factors are pretty ideal and are what you would expect them to be. The three factors in living a healthy and long life is to not smoke, keep weight at a normal range, and keep alcohol consumption at a normal level.

The University of Michigan measured 14,000 people aged 50 and older.

They compared people who did not smoke, were not overweight and who did not drink a lot of liquor.

The people who did not smoke, drink excessively, or who were not obese had a "Life expectancy of four to seven years longer." It is clean cut research and it shows that these three factors are vital to living a long-lasting life.

It is never too late to start and cut out bad habits either.

Americans tend to be bad with being in top shape. The article states that, "80 per cent of Americans smoke, are obese or both by age 50." This is interesting statistics that shows that Americans are not so good at being in tip-top shape.

Researchers are hoping to implement this research to help out Australians, who have problems with smoking and drinking. It is obvious they are not the only ones who do such activities, but it is high in Australia.

What else can I do?

Regardless of the three factors, people can do more to stay in good shape and live longer. Getting adequate exercise on a daily basis can make a difference and eating right.

We can make a difference in the world and stop obesity for good with these factors. We also must stop smoking and figure out more ways to get people to not start.

Being strong or robust are the most important things to an individual and the study has found some good research in living a productive life. All we have to do now is abide by it. I mean, what is more important than living a longer life?