Setting goals in life is something that gives us things to try to achieve. The achieving of those goals after struggling for them makes us feel confident and strong. When we are not able to achieve certain goals in our lives, we actually feel guilty about them because deep down we know that the reason of failure is somehow our fault.

Here are some Reasons Why you Fail to achieve goals in your life.

1. Excuses

The most common reasons of for failure are the excuses we come up with in our life. We all make excuses. Excuses are easy to come up with when we are not feeling like doing something.

These excuses can range from laziness to the stars, that we think, are not aligned correctly at that moment. Whatever the excuses are, they simply paralyze us.

2. Exaggerating our fears

The exaggeration of fear could cause a major failure in the accomplishment of your aims in life. Fear robs our confidence of doing something and it makes us feel that we are not capable of working things out.

3. Reason behind setting a goal

What does the goal of your life actually mean to you? What is the reason behind setting that goal?

We only set goals in our lives or chase something because others have told us to do so. When we strive to get our hands on something that we do not desire, things end up as a failure.

We face the loss of time, money and so many valuable moments that could have been of actual benefit if we would have pursued something that really had meaning in our lives.

4. Not setting a proper plan

When we don't plan to do get things done, then we are actually planning for a failure. Setting a proper plan to achieve goals in life is like having a map for following the right path during the journey of struggle.

For accomplishing goals in your life, you have to make an outline of all the things you intend to do and make a strong strategy for them as well.

5. Commitment issues

Let's just face the fact that we all have commitment issues when it comes to the goals we make in our lives. It is just like when a person plans to go on a diet.

They break their diet plan just because their colleagues at work have offered them donuts and they would think of it as an offense if they did not accept the donut.

If a person is fully committed towards his goals then no matter what sort of excuse pops up, nothing could ever stop that person from achieving his goals. Having success over night is just a myth. Determination, discipline and hard work are really important and essential to achieving goals in your life.