What justifies betrayal? Is there a reason for a person to do it?

According to a study by IllicitEncounters.com, a UK online dating service for married people, people look for lovers mostly in the morning, more precisely on Mondays. Another research done in the UK has shown that one of the lousy excuses that people usually use when they will betray is that they are with friends, practicing some kind of sport.

What leads a person to betrayal?

It seems that most people who are betrayed by their partners blame themselves for what happened, wondering what they would’ve done wrong or what would have gone wrong with them for this to happen.

But according to a study by the British retailer 'Superdrug', not always an adultery has to do with something that is happening in the relationship or with the spouse. By collecting data from 2,000 Americans and Europeans, the researchers analyzed their love habits so they could actually find out what’s the main motives for people to betray.

Justifying the 'crime'

For women, the excuses most used, both by the North Americans as well as by the Europeans, was that their partner no longer paid attention to them. Men of the same nationalities, for the most part, stated that their motive for betrayal was that the mistress was very attractive and therefore they didn’t resist temptation.

Out of curiosity, 71 percent of the American men who participated in the survey were actually sorry they betrayed their partners.

On the other hand, 56.5% of Europeans said the same thing.

Now, among American women, only 57.8% said they were really sorry about their infidelity, while among European women, 58.6% said the same.

When questioned where they met their respective lovers, 32.9% of the men and 40.6% of the women stated that they ended up having a relationship with a friend.

Work colleagues came in second place and strangers who they met randomly were third.

Another interesting statistic revealed by the survey was that European women often betray more than European men. Meanwhile, in the US, the situation is reversed.

What would be a real betrayal?

According to 100% of the research candidates, anal sex, vaginal and oral, constitute a real infidelity.

However, on the same list, hanging out with a friend and sleeping with him in the same bed (without sex) also appeared and consequently was considered in the study as a kind of betrayal.

What about you? Have you been unfaithful? If so, tell us your best excuses in the comment box below.