Many people have different views about cursing, swearing, or using profanity around their children. An Australian mother admits she is comfortable swearing around her four young children. Constance Hall posted on Facebook her reasons because she wants everyone to know why she swears in front of her children. She admits that it is not a popular thing for a mother to say, but she doesn’t care what other people think about her habit and her choice to parent the way she does.

Controversial decision

Hall concludes that it is a controversial decision with most parents, but when she drops the F-bomb, she does so for emphasis.

She justifies her choice by saying she doesn't curse at anyone. However, she does curse depending on the situation. As often as Hall uses profanity, she insists that her children do not use any bad words because they know they are adult words.

One scientist at UC San Diego says he sees no harm in cursing around children. He added that swearing at your kids is a bad idea; however, swearing around them about something else is absolutely fine. He says that hearing profanity doesn't harm a child.

Whoopi Goldberg

When this topic was discussed on "The View" on July 11, moderator Whoopi Goldberg said she deliberately taught all her grandchildren how to curse. She said they were going to hear it from someone else, so they might as well hear it from her.

She related that one of her young grandchildren used a curse word in a restaurant that embarrassed her daughter, but it didn't embarrass her. Whoopi said she stands by her method because she doesn't believe all curse words are bad.

While Whoopi allows her grandchildren to say curse words, she doesn't let them say words like "stupid" or " fool" or a derogative word that puts people down.

There were a lot of negative responses on social media about what Goldberg said. Several people were outraged to hear her say she taught her young grandchildren to curse, and it is something she is proud of.

Co-host Joy Behar said she didn't teach her grandchildren to curse, but she has cursed around her grandson, and he said the curse word in school.

She said it makes her laugh to hear a little kid use a curse word.

One person remarked that using bad words doesn't make someone a bad person. That is true, but since there are so many other things to teach kids, why teach them to use curse words? What do you think? Would you teach your children and grandchildren to use curse words? Do you use profanity around your young kids?