Tomlinson may have been the last One Direction member to put his solo music out there, with "Back to You" hitting iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play Music at midnight, but his single featuring Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals was certainly well received. Fans were quick to chart the hashtag #Backtoyou as soon as the music dropped in different regions. Even before the song was officially out, however, Tomlinson had already teased his fans about what to expect from the oldest member of One Direction.

A tour is coming

Following in Niall Horan and Harry Styles' successful footsteps, Tomlinson also announced his solo tour in 2018. The announcement was subtle, with the words "LT1 tour 2018" showing up in the 7-minute teaser for "Back to You." Though One Direction members all agree that the band is just on hiatus and not broken up, their solo tours reveal that fans may have to wait a little longer to see them reunited. No official word yet on whether Payne will also be going on tour, but early reports allege that he will be touring as well.

Fans may be seeing all four 1D members showcasing their music in different venues next year.

Tomlinson, who has been involved in a Twitter war with Zayn Malik shortly after Malik left the band, also mentioned in an interview that he had patched things up with his former bandmate. According to him, it was his late mother Johannah Deakin's last request. Tomlinson also revealed that the bond between the members of 1D is stronger than ever despite the hiatus.

More information on his album

Ahead of the release of the music video for "Back to You," Tomlinson's team posted a 7-minute teaser of the singer-songwriter packing up and presumably heading home to his hometown of Doncaster. Tomlinson shot the music video for his first single in his hometown and features his sister Lottie Tomlinson, as well as locals.

Tomlinson also had a private viewing hosted by Roman Kemp, where fans were treated to a Q&A afterward.

In the private viewing, Tomlinson revealed additional information about his upcoming album, which is yet to be titled. According to Tomlinson, another song will feature a collaboration, and the third single will have him singing on his own. Tomlinson adds that he wants the album to show a little more of himself to his fans, hoping that after they listen to it, they will know him a little more.

Tomlinson also revealed that "Back to You" was not a personal song. He went on to say, however, that a different song, called "Always You," is one of his favorites because it has a personal meaning.

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