Prince Harry, the fifth in line to the throne, has been living a long time in Nottingham Cottage, which is one of the smallest apartments on the premise. It has been comfortable enough for a single man, but now Harry wants a bigger place to live in.

During the last year, Harry has been visited many times by his girlfriend Meghan Markle. Kensington Palace is being renovated and sources say the bigger apartment is for Prince Harry.

Meghan's visits

Meghan has visited for long periods of time. In fact, she is allegedly visiting him now. The 35-year-old actress arrived in London from Toronto earlier this week to spend some time with Harry, but she is expected to be back on the set of "Suits" by Tuesday.

E! News reported that they are total homebodies who love to stay in and do things together away from the paparazzi. It was said that they love to watch movies and cook together. On a previous visit, a source said they watched Disney's "Moana" together.

A bigger place will be ideal for Prince Harry and Meghan since they are homebodies. They also stay inside when Harry visits Meghan in Toronto. It was reported that she renovated her place to accommodate him when he visits. They take turns visiting each other as often as they can.

Meghan spent the first two months of the year with her 32-year-old boyfriend. Since then she has visited on many other occasions, and they have met up at other places.

For instance, she met Harry at his friend's wedding in Jamaica last March. It has been reported that she will live with him after she wraps up filming her show, "Suits." Perhaps the renovations on the apartment for Harry at Kensington Palace will be ready for them by then.

Harry's future home

Harry is expected to go from living in a two-bedroom apartment to living in a 21-room apartment.

His future place to live will be similar to the size of the one his brother Prince William, Duchess Kate and their two children live in. Several things need to be done to Apartment 1 in Kensington Palace that is earmarked for Prince Harry. For instance, it needs a new roof and new windows.

Perhaps an engagement will come soon after Harry has a bigger place.

It seems like so many other things have been put in place so they will not stand in the way once Harry decides to pop the question. For instance, Meghan has made some changes in her life. She has given up her social media presence and her fashion assignments. It seems like her acting career is the only thing she hasn't given up yet. It has been alleged that this is her last season on "Suits."