A segment on "Good Morning America" on Thursday, July 6 was about Coco Loko. It is a chocolate powder that people are snorting to get high. It is drug-free and legal to be sold and snorted. Coco Loko was created by a company called Legal Lean that is based in Orlando, Florida. Nick Anderson is the founder, and he had spoken out about the product.

About Coco Loko

The snortable chocolate powder is sold as a drug-free product that gives users a buzz. The 29-year-old product maker said it is so popular and powerful that a bar in a night club is selling it instead of alcohol.

Anderson says he uses the chocolate powder himself as an alternative to drinking alcohol. The product includes cacao powder and other ingredients that are found in energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster.

After Anderson heard about the chocolate snorting trend in Europe, he decided to make the product himself for his company. He kept trying the ingredients until he had the right mixture. Now the snorting substance is popular on college campuses and in hip-hop communities.

Effects of product

After snorting the powder, a person feels euphoric and full of energy from half an hour to an hour. Coco Loko went on the market last month without approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A spokesman for the FDA said the agency isn't aware of any concerns related to chocolate inhalants.

The director of the Johns Hopkins Sinus Center said there is no study on what happens if people inhale chocolate powder into their nose. He did say that one concern is that the powder could get mixed with mucus in the nose and will create a paste that could block sinuses.

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In that case, people who suffer from sinus infections and other related complications should think twice before inhaling the product.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton, the medical consultant on "Good Morning America" shared the same viewpoint when it comes to inhaling the product. The doctor was more concerned about chocolate powder being inhaled through the nose than about the buzz it creates.

Coco Loko is sold in smoke shops and liquor stores. There are good reviews on Amazon where the product is sold in a 10-servings tin can that costs $24.99. One user says Coco Loko is saving his marriage by helping him in the bedroom.

Have you heard about Coco Loko? Is it something you would inhale to give you more energy and put you in a euphoric state? So far, people are buying it and enjoying it.