Have you ever seen something in a store and you intended to go back later to buy it, but when you went back someone had already bought the item? A 10-year-old saw a stuffed panda bear in an Asda supermarket in his hometown of Liverpool, England. He really wanted the soft, cuddly toy, but he didn't have enough money from his allowance to pay for it, and it would be a couple more weeks before his mother would get paid. So, the young boy did what an adult would not have had the nerves to do.

The note

Leon stuffed the last panda bear in a box and wrote on the box for other Asda shoppers. The boy's heartbreaking note asked other shoppers to please, pretty please pass on purchasing the panda. The boy had scribbled that his mother wouldn't have enough money to buy the bear until later. He ended the note by saying if someone else bought the last panda in the store, it would make him cry because he would be so sad. He closed the note by saying it was from a hopeful future panda owner.

Leon gets the panda

When the note was discovered by the store employees, they pooled their funds and purchased the toy for Leon. There was one problem. They didn't know how to get in touch with the boy. They posted the note on Facebook, and Leon's mother, Debbie Ashworth, recognized her son's handwriting. She took Leon back to the store to get the panda. Leon declared that it was the best day of his life now that he was the owner of the toy.

When Asda store worker Kelly McEvatt handed the panda to Leon, he saw how happy the boy was.

After Leon had enough money from his allowance, he donated his allowance to the Honeysuckle Bereavement Service that he would have paid for the panda. He gave it to the organization that helped his family when his baby brother Oliver died in January just four days after he was born.

The organization helps families dealing with miscarriages, stillbirths or early neonatal deaths.

Going to China

After news about Leon's generosity was made public, he appeared on "This Morning" which is a talk show in the United Kingdom. It was there that he got another surprise. He and his family were given an all-expense paid trip to China to see real pandas. It meant a lot to the entire family after suffering a death earlier this year. Leon's mother, Debbie, his father Paul, his brother Troy, 11, and his sister Jennifer, seven, would get to see live pandas with him. It would be a trip of a lifetime that Leon will remember forever.

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