It’s here again! Pet Sitter International is promoting their 18th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day® for June 23rd. Tails must be wagging in anticipation of doing something new and exciting.

Patti J. Moran developed the idea in 1999 to celebrate our canine companions, encourage Pet Adoption and enlighten business owners to the joy of having dogs in the office. 18 years later, it is still happening but with more dogs, more businesses and more enthusiasm than ever before. PSI has heard from companies across the United States, as well as Canada, Belgium, Ireland, England, Brazil, the Philippines, and Australia, who are planning to participate this year.

Beth Stultz is the Take Your Dog To Work Day® spokesperson at PSI and she explained to Blasting News that “Studies have shown that dogs in the workplace can reduce stress, increase interaction between co-workers, increase creativity and more. We find that companies that participate (even ones that have initial concerns about how the event may go) have such a great time that they want to participate year after year. The event is for a good cause, but it’s also a great employee perk.”

That good cause is supporting the pet community and encouraging pet adoption. Beth adds, “This year, PSI is also using the campaign to raise awareness and funds for Pet for Patriots, a 501(c)3 charitable organization that helps veterans and military members adopt the most overlooked shelter pets, offering them a second chance at life through adoption.

Pet lovers are encouraged to make a tax-deductible donation to Pets for Patriots through the Take Your Dog To Work Day® online donation page.”

It is a full day that raises awareness for pet adoption, Pet for Patriots and the benefits of bringing your best friend to work. Benefits for you, your work, shelter animals and your beloved dog.

For most, leaving their dog at home alone for more than eight hours a day is simply unavoidable. Responsible pet parents enlist the help of dog walkers or other family members and leave bones, toys and more for the dog to interact with while they are away. But, if your dog could work with you, it would provide them a sense of purpose, things to explore, people to interact with and simply put a better existence.

It's a win-win

The benefits of living with a dog have been well documented. It’s good for your mind and your health. So, why not increase these benefits by inviting your canine companion to where you spend most of your waking hours. It’s a win-win. You will likely live with lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels while Fido gets to enjoy life to the fullest. And who knows, you might just help another dog find their 'forever' home.

Take Your Dog To Work Day® is always celebrated the Friday following Father’s Day. So, please mark your calendars. For those interested in getting your workplace on board, PSI offers a free downloadable toolkit on their site. They also provide helpful tips to ensure your dog doesn’t get “fired” while on the job.