In mid-March, Samsung debuted its state-of-the-art television, dubbed The Frame. The svelte TV gets its name because the sleek device essentially resembles a picture frame when mounted on the wall. The innovative design of the TV also boasts some unique features, which were incorporated specifically to support its picture frame-like design.

Now, the South Korean Electronics company has revealed the release date for The Frame TV. Samsung revealed that The Frame would hit the shelves on June 18.

Features of the TV

Samsung revealed during The Frame’s launch that owners would be able to set a wallpaper for the TV – just like you do for your smartphone – when it was turned off.

This would make the device akin to a real picture frame when switched off rather than fading to a black screen like conventional televisions. This feature was dubbed the Art Mode by Samsung and the company also revealed that users will be able to select from a collection of 100 images divided into 10 categories.

Release and pricing details

Samsung announced that the sophisticated TV models will start selling in stores across the country on Sunday, June 18. It will be available in two distinct sizes: 55 inches and 65 inches. The company also posted the price of each of the two models. The 55-inch variant will retail for $1,999, while the 65-inch model will set customers back by $2,799.

Samsung said that it will also offer optional interchangeable bezels for The Frame TVs.

These bezels will be available in beige, white, and walnut shades of wood for the 55-inch variant at a price of $199.99. The 65-inch TV’s bezels will be customizable and will cost $249.99.

The 100 arts available to be used in the TV’s Art Mode were collected from the works of 37 world-renowned photographers and artists. The 10 categories in which this art will be divided are From Above, Urban Abstract, Patterns, Still Life, Action, Digital Art, Drawing, Wild Life, and Architecture.

Apart from this, owners of The Frame will also have access to Samsung’s Art Store, where they can find an additional 300 pieces from emerging and talented artists and photographers. An individual piece can be bought for $19.99, while users can also subscribe to use all of them for a monthly fee of $4.99.

The Frame is no doubt one of the most costly television sets out there currently. However, Samsung is marketing it as a premium device which is not for the average consumers. It remains to be seen if the TV finds success in its limited demographic.