Published author, wellness activist, and motivational speaker Aimee Ackell holds two Masters degrees in the field of education. Through her writing, Aimee hopes to raise awareness of an illness known as SLE lupus, a condition she has been living with since 1996.

Aimee feels that it is important for more people to learn about Lupus--which is incurable yet manageable--and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Over the past five years, Aimee has been doing extremely well, and she has written a Book titled “Lupus Journey” that she hopes will help other people with the illness live happy and productive lives.

Aimee recently discussed her experiences with Lupus as well as her career as an author in an exclusive interview.


Blasting News (BN): When did you first get involved in writing and how did you find a publisher?

Aimee Ackell (AA): I first became interested in writing in 2012 when I tried to get my first children’s book published through a traditional publisher. I wasn’t successful because I wasn’t marketable and I didn’t have a following. After self-publishing my children’s book, I decided to write my story about my Lupus journey and again I decided to self-published my book. I was successful in publishing it in both an eBook and softcover. After establishing myself as an author, I am now marketable for a publishing house.

BN: Your book is about Lupus so how has that illness affected your life?

AA: Lupus affects people on an individual basis. My experience with it was very challenging. I had to overcome physical, emotional, and mental issues. In the beginning, I felt it was a curse, but I now look at it as a blessing. In my book, I describe the good, the bad and the ugly!

I write about the major issues that affected me, and how they changed my life. Also, I explain how I dealt with these issues using meditation, diet, exercise, keeping hydrated, rest and relaxation. Keeping a journal was a tremendous help with my mental and emotional outlook. It took many years of trial and error with my doctors and medications to come up with a “balance formula” for myself.

Now, I am able to share this knowledge with others who have an autoimmune issue. Giving hope and inspiration allows me to affect people’s lives.

BN: What do you think people need to be made more aware of pertaining to this illness and what can readers expect from your book about the subject?

AA: May is Lupus Awareness Month. To date, there is NOT enough awareness and education about the disease. The public is aware of major diseases, but not Lupus and Lupus is a major disease. It’s not funded properly because it’s both a quiet disease and it affects women 90% of the population, only 10% men. I believe that there needs to be more research in order to find a cure. Many physicians and foundations see a need for more research and development for the disease.

Monies are a necessity for Lupus research. Readers can expect to become educated and knowledgeable about Lupus, after reading my book. People will have an understanding and awareness in their communities.


BN: How long have you been working on this book and what were the biggest challenges toward publication?

AA: I wrote every day for one year and completed my book. It was a very cathartic experience for me. It led me to help myself and others. The major challenge that I faced was not writing my book it was self-publishing my book. The technical aspect of learning how to publish on two different platforms was a huge endeavor. I got through it, and it taught me the process of self-publishing.

BN: What was the reader response to the book been like and how have you gone about promoting it?

AA: So far, reader response has been very positive. Both medical and lay people have responded well to my book. I have received many inquiries about my “Lupus Journey.” I have sold over 500 copies to date. I promoted my book by using Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Foundations, Motivational Speaking Engagements, Book Fairs, and Library Presentations.

BN: What other books have you written or are currently writing?

AA: I am currently working on a Medical Journal, and I plan on submitting it to a publisher this summer.

BN: What events and/or projects are coming up next for you and is there anything else that you would like to discuss?

AA: I was asked to do two radio engagements about my Lupus Journey, and I am awaiting a response. My next goal is to work with physicians and foundations to raise monies for research to find a cure for Lupus.