Socrates Marquez is an award-winning, self-taught, contemporary painter who was born in the Dominican Republic but now lives and works in Harlem, New York. In May of 2017, he took part in an exclusive exhibition called “All Artists Event” in Las Vegas, Nevada, that was hosted by the acclaimed Artist Renown International and Harte International Galleries. The occasion commenced on May 20, 2017, in the Ballroom of the ritzy Four Seasons hotel. A high-end venue, the art show included pieces by legendary masters including Chagall, Picasso, Miro and more.

Even alongside these incredible masters, Socrates’ work did very well and he met many collectors as a result of his participation. His “splatter” paintings are intended are intended to bring forth feelings of spontaneity, freedom, and fun to anyone who views them.

The exhibition in Las Vegas

Harte International Galleries represents and sells Socrates’ artwork in Maui, Hawaii. Upon his invitation to Las Vegas, Socrates arrived two days early and had the opportunity to sight-see and relax by the pool.

“The day of the event I walked into the Four Seasons Ballroom and I was at a loss for words,” Socrates explained in a recent exclusive interview. “Being part of the event and having my work alongside such iconic artists was both a humbling and an incredible experience, very surreal but gratifying.” Both new and repeat collectors attended the show but Socrates is still waiting for the final report from the gallery about pieces sold.

Socrates received incredible feedback from the show attendees and gallery personnel but the most striking feedback was from Glenn Harte, the Director of the Harte International Galleries, who said to Socrates: “Being on this business for many years, I’ve seen well over five-hundred artists attempting this painting style, to no avail. What you are doing is brilliant and we can expect great things from you.”

The artist's Harlem

Socrates lives and works in an area of New York called Harlem, a historically African-American neighborhood that is busy and bustling and currently undergoing a revitalization from its troubled past.

Socrates regards Harlem as being the backbone of his artwork which represents the pulse, vibrancy and energy of the Harlem community and New York City as a whole.

“I wish that people would put aside their pre-conceived ideas of what Harlem is and come enjoy everything that Harlem has to offer,” Socrates said. “In Harlem, it is more than a neighborhood, we are a family. We are so culturally rich that it is unfortunate that as a community we don’t have more support and incentives to fuel the arts. We could certainly benefit from having an affordable rent work spaces where artists can work and hone-in their skills and crafts.”

Socrates also notes the often-surreal discrepancy between observing the lives of many low-income families in Harlem compared to the lifestyles of the extremely wealthy patrons who purchase his artwork.

“These types of experience keep me grounded,” he said. “It reminds me of my roots and where I come from. I am so fortunate to be exposed to these types of opportunities. I hope that someday I find myself at a place where I can pay it forward by offering similar opportunities to others.”

More art to come

Socrates was delighted to have partaken in the Las Vegas event and he considered it especially thrilling to be able to meet several of his collectors in person. “They took time out of their busy schedules to travel to Las Vegas just to meet me and learn more about my creative process,” he stated.

“It was great spending a few minutes sharing some stories and getting to hear how proud they are of their artwork. To me art is personal and as such, connecting with my collectors at a personal and at an emotional level is key!”

Socrates plans to continue painting throughout the summer and will pursue further exhibitions and trade shows in the fall of 2017. Additionally, his artwork is on permanent display in Maui, Hawaii at Harte International Galleries.

To learn more, visit his official website or follow him on social media via @socratesmarquez.

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