It's no big deal in America to wear a swimsuit or a bikini but among Muslims, it is an issue. No wonder one sees so many muslim women wearing the hijab or the burka. Though not stated explicitly in any Muslim holy scripture that a woman cannot wear a revealing dress, yet hard-line Islamists do not like a woman to bare herself. Some Muslim women do pick up the challenge and don a revealing dress. Muslim actress Fatima Sana Sheikh the star of the Bollywood film "Dangal" along with Amir Khan has posted photos of her in a revealing black swimsuit on Instagram.

The photo of the actress in a black swimwear on the sea shore has become popular.

Many orthodox Muslims are however disturbed at the revealing photos of the actress and have trolled her on social media sites for wearing the dress during the period of Ramadan. Even Muslims who have no connection with extremism do not support a girl wearing a swimsuit and baring herself.


In America and the West, Muslim women are increasingly wearing the hijab and the burka. The burkini has also appeared that covers the body for Muslim women who want to swim.

The burkini unleashed strong emotions and in France, many cities outlawed it. In America, Islamophobia is on the rise and as things stand demonstrations are on in many cities against the imposition of Sharia by right-wing groups. There are counter-demonstrations as well and some clashes have been reported.

Blow for Muslim women

In such an atmosphere the act of Fatima Sana Shiekh is a standout. The Bollywood actress by wearing a revealing swimming costume and splashing her photo on Instagram struck a blow for the liberation of Muslim woman.

Many Muslim women may not be wanting to wear the hijab but the social atmosphere is such that in case they do not wear they will be ostracized.

Thugs of Hindoostan

Fatima has been in film for some years now, but she has not established herself. Her first big break is " Dangal" and now she has bagged a significant role in "Thugs of Hindoostan". This film is set in the 19th century when killer gangs called thugs roamed the countryside in North India.

The gangs worshiped the goddess Kali( Durga) and killed their victims by strangulating them with a handkerchief. They never shed blood.

The photo on Instagram of Fatima in a black swim costume is pretty exciting. Thousands have appreciated her boldness. All said and done Fatima has struck a blow on behalf of Muslim women all over the world.

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