We all wear different clothes for different occasions. We dress differently to communicate our gender, social class, wealth, religious affiliation and even sexual availability. The Chicago pizzeria and bar located in a fancier part of the city of Chicago frequented by tourists has come under fire from members of the public for placing a strict Dress Code sign outside its premises.

People think that the list of Dress Codes to be followed is either racist or too long. The bar has decided to dictate what their customers should wear and what they should not wear.

Some of the restaurant's strict rules are.

No bad attitude or behavior

Clothes must not be baggy, flashy or bright in color. Your attire must not match. No obnoxious clothing such as Hawaiian attire, tie, and dye or skull prints. Camouflage or gang attire is not allowed. Large purses and bags are also not allowed in the restaurant.

Shirts and jackets

Plain white T-shirts are not allowed in the restaurant. Sports jerseys are only allowed during gaming events and of the appropriate teams. Fur and leather jackets are not allowed, not even hoodies. Some types of sweaters such as novelty sweaters are also not allowed within the restaurant.


Leather pants and pants that have been bleached and washed with acid are not allowed within the restaurant. Jogging pants and pants with many zippers are also not allowed.

Gym shorts and athletic wear are not allowed as well. Shorts worn must also be more than one inch past the customer's knees.


Shoe brands such as Jordans, Nike Air Max, and Airforce one are not allowed. These guidelines are inscribed in capital letters in the restaurant's dress code list. Sandals are banned after 8 PM. Work boots are prohibited as well.


The dress code guidelines also have a miscellaneous segment where the management states that hats must be worn forward at all times. The hats must also not contain stickers and tags. Headgears are also not supposed to be brimless. Men must also not have jewelry such as chains while visible tattoos on the neck, face, and hands are not allowed.

The restaurant in its dress code guidelines states that it wants to maintain a classy atmosphere within its facilities and thus a high standard dress code among its customers will be required at all time. Barred customers are not allowed in even if they suddenly change their appearance. The bar is accused of trying to prevent poor people or people from a particular race from entering its facilities in one Twitter posting.

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