Australia has been identified as the number one Travel Destination for American travelers as per a recent survey. If Americans can pick up their bags and travel any place in the world, most of them would like to take their swimsuit and adventures in Australia according to the new survey by the Travel Leaders group.

Wild outback and amazing landscape

Many travelers go to Australia to experience the outback and the country remains undeniably a passion for many Americans. With the size of the country reflecting that of the US, Australia offers a great variety of cities, outbacks and world famous beaches, as well as a huge barrier reef, the world famous Great Barrier Reef.

In Australia, amazing and unique wildlife like the koalas is a great draw for travelers along with the Great Barrier Reef, which attracts visitors wanting to experience an underwater world and to participate in activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. On land, travellers are also delighted by the Uluru Kata National Park, where they see Uluru, an amazing huge red stone rock that juts out of the wilderness. Although they are far apart, the great Australian cities, such as Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide, are located along the coast, and each provides a big range of action and adventure for visitors.

Besides Melbourne is known for great architecture and art, and also international cuisine and cosmopolitan culture.

Top international travel destination

Even though, according to the survey, American travellers prefer to travel to Australia than any other destination, the expensive flights and long trips may be a drawback but the country does offer some raw natural marvels. The survey also found that Australians preferred to travel to Canada, Italy and the United States.

At the same time, Herald Sun reported that countries listed as the top recreational tourist destinations include Australia and Italy, the United States, France, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Greece, Japan, Spain and Switzerland.

Australia is certainly a charming and versatile choice for many Americans. Given the wild outback, a huge assortment of urban agglomerations on desert style land, the world class coastlines, and the great coral reef that win awards.

In addition, travellers can also explore places such as the nearby country of Fiji, Melbourne, Sydney, the honeymoon hotspot Tahiti, and the beautiful the Gold Coast.

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