Mclaren, the world renowned British car maker, is all set to whip the covers off its much-anticipated 570S Spyder supercar. Along with the photos that provided us with a sneak peak of the car's design, the company also shed some light onto its technical details as well.

Pricing and release date

First things first, let's sort out the most obvious questions one would have about the car. The 570S will set you back a handsome $435,750 (before tax), which is within the pricing frame we have grown used to when it comes to McLaren. As far as the launch date is concerned, the car will be taken off the wraps at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on June 29.

When it comes to its proper roll out to the market, we expect the 570S to hit Britain's premium car retailers sometime in September - but that is just an assumption. Fingers crossed that McLaren will disclose specific information on June 29th.

So what's new?

Not much, to be perfectly honest. The 570S Spyder is meant to be the off-roof variant of the original 570S coupe, which was released in 2015.

Design, performance, and features

As aforementioned, the 570S Spyder's chassis is identical to its older brother, though a handful of adjustments have been made to maintain the coupe's savage performance.

Due to the retractable hardtop that the 570S features, an additional 46kg have been added to the supercar.

Normally, the extra weight would compromise some of the acceleration, not in our case though. McLaren has brilliantly positioned the rear spoiler 12mm higher at the rear end, which resulted in keeping up with the coupe's 3.2 sec 0-60mph benchmark. Though, the 570S is point one of a second slower at 0-200 kmh.

Furthermore, the roof takes 15 seconds to open or close, and can be operated at speeds of up to 40 mph.

The roof's mechanism employed for this model is the same with the 650S' and 675LT Spiders'.

It also worth adding that the the Spyder carries the coupe's dihedral doors, which is quite surprising, granted that scissor doors are an often compromise in a convertible variant.

The 570S sports a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 powerhouse (M838T), delivering 570bhp, a top speed of 328km/h with the roof on, and 315km/h when topless.

McLaren has also brought along carbon-ceramic brakes, with 394mm front and 380mm rear discs, accompanied by six-piston and four-pot calipers, respectively. In addition to the wheels, Pirelli's P Zero Corsa will be the manufacture's tires of choice (front – 225/35 R19, rear – 285/35 R20).


The 570S Spyder comes with exquisite leather interiors, a 7-inch multimedia touchscreen display, and memory-enabled adjustable seats. Prospective owners will have twenty color flavors to opt from, including three new additions; 'Curacao Blue', 'Vega Blue' and 'Sicilian Yellow'.

What are your thoughts on McLaren's exciting latest member of its Sports Series line-up?

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