Hydrogen water is just that, water with increased amounts of hydrogen. The addition of protons and electrons create an excess of hydrogen gas. People are fearful of aging and naturally desire to live as long as they can with the highest quality. Everyone knows that drinking water is essential for overall health and can even help with weight loss, but what if there was a form of water that was superior?

'Shin'nooru solution'

This product has been a trend in Japan since the mid-twentieth century and was known as “Shin'nooru." Almost two years ago, Japan began using hydrogen-infused IVs for medical use to treat illnesses ranging from dehydration to serious infections.

Throughout Japan, you can find people utilizing hydrogen-infused products in the form of supplements and bath salts and drinking it straight from the can. All of these practices are done in order to help the skin and slow the aging process.

How it works

Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD a dermatologist is "the man behind the can." He has spearheaded the hydrogen gas movement in the United States and even produced his own line of the product.

Hydrogen water has been proven to be anti-inflammatory, an energy booster, and have age reduction properties. When hydrogen is consumed it enters the bloodstream, goes into the mitochondria, and infiltrates the nucleus. Once inside the nuclei, the hydrogen considerably reduces "free radicals." Free radicals are atoms that cause inflammation and are connected to skin aging and even cancer.

Through personal testing, Perricone says that within 15 minutes of ingesting his hydrogen water, levels of NADH heightened by 10 percent. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydride (NADH) is a biological substance that our bodies produce to energize all cells. Perricone says, "The mental clarity you get is phenomenal." He also claims that hydrogen water can reduce jet lag and recovery time after exercising.

Get your own supply

You can buy the product or make it on your own. On Amazon, you can find the Lourdes Water Hydrogen Generator for $1,200. This mechanism generates hydrogen molecules in order to increase the amount of hydrogen gas in regular water. This process allows you to produce your own hydrogen water at home.

HFactor Hydrogen Water is packaged in aluminum, which is said to conserve the hydrogen gas.

You can purchase six cans for $18. Another offer is Dr. Perricone Hydrogen Water, which also comes in aluminum cans. You can buy an 8oz can for $3 or a 12oz can for $3.50.

A hoax?

Most of the experiments that endorse the benefits of hydrogen water are administered in laboratories, making it tough to corroborate these findings. It is a fairly new product in the United States and there is not enough scientific evidence regarding the use, purpose, and possible negative effects. Besides laboratory studies, the claimed Health Benefits derive mostly from personal accounts, which are not the most credible. There is also not much data on the consequences of consuming the product on a regular basis and the long-term effects.

As hydrogen water becomes more popular in the United States, more information and specifics will be provided and individuals will be able to make a more educated decision on whether or not the product is right for them.