Most students graduate from High School before they go to college for four years. Then they get a job working in the field they have majored in. That is not the case with an Indiana Teen. Raven Osborne is graduating from college before she graduates from high school. Then she is going back to the same charter school as a teacher. The teen will graduate from college on May 5. However, she will not graduate from her high school until May 22.

How this happened

The 18-year-old graduate took college courses part time from Purdue University Northwest at the same time she was taking courses from the 21st Century Charter School in Gary, Indiana.

She will receive her bachelor's degree in sociology with a minor in early childhood education. Then 17 days later, Raven will receive her high school diploma. She will return to her charter school next fall, but not as a student. She will come back as a full-time teacher, according to CBS News.

The teenager started taking college classes at a community college and received an associate's degree in general studies. She continued and received her bachelor's degree because of the encouragement from her mother and her high school superintendent.

Odds against teen

Raven worked hard to get her degree and diploma in that order. She did it after having been diagnosed with a learning disability when she was younger.

She was determined and did what most people don't do without a learning disability. Professors at Purdue Northwest were impressed with her academic work and maturity. She was so good with her college work that some of her teachers didn't know she was still in high school.

While working on college courses and high school courses at the same time, the teen also worked on the night shift at a daycare center for parents who work at night.

She was responsible for being with the kids while they slept and gave them breakfast when they woke up in the morning before their parents picked them up.

Teen's future

After receiving her bachelor's degree, Osborne will follow her passion with children in the same charter school she graduated from just months ago; She will be an early interventionist with elementary-age children earning more than $30,000 a year.

Not many people have those things on their résumé, but something like this has happened before.

A Florida teen had a similar story back in 2014. Grace Bush was only 16 years old when she graduated from Florida Atlantic University High School. Like Osborne, she took both college courses and high school courses at the same time. Osborne and Bush made headlines because of their accomplishments; however, there are perhaps others who have done the same. Congratulations to all of them.