With summer fast approaching, now is the best time to choose a Summer weight loss plan to get into those new clothes. Dieters have lots of options that include delicious summer breakfasts that are healthy and satisfying, as well as plenty of weight loss tips to create a customized plan for taking the weight off and keeping it off. The top three diets offer dieters a complete plan for taking off the weight for good.

Latest tips for summer weight loss

Summer really is the best time to lose weight. Mind Body Green reported that there are several reasons why summer is the best time to lose weight and get fit but not for the reasons most dieters may think.

One important reason is that it is an easy time to get plenty of vitamin D. Lower levels of vitamin D actually trigger fat storage and make it harder for the body to break down fat. A healthy amount of vitamin D means the body will use calories for energy instead of fat storage.

Food cravings also change during this time of year, and that means that dieters are more likely to eat less and lighter too. Winter time is the time for comfort food while summer makes it easier to eat more fruits and vegetables, which are much lower in calories. Dieters are also more likely to drink more water since it is hotter, and water is excellent for helping to speed metabolism.

Weight loss diets to consider for summer

The Christian Post reports that there are three diets that dieters might want to consider if they were serious about their weight loss this summer. One of the most famous diets to consider is the Biggest Loser diet This diet contains lots of fruits and vegetables as well as protein to satisfy dieters.

Weight Watchers also made the list, and it is considered to be the easiest diet to follow.

Dieters may eat just about anything because the system is based on a points system. The least known of the three diet is the HMR diet, and it offers blended foods and shakes as food alternatives. It also includes walking up to 20 minutes per day to help with weight loss.

Breakfast is an important part of any plan to lose weight, and there are plenty of delicious breakfasts for dieters to choose from. Womens Health Magazine offered eight different breakfasts to choose from that would allow dieters to enjoy something different for breakfast.

One of the more interesting breakfast choices offered was zoodles — zucchini cut into spirals combined with the protein included in eggs. Another choice for those who wanted an instant meal that's high in protein and contains fruit is the wild blueberry peanut butter smoothie.

Weight loss studies continue to make the news and offer hope to dieters who are looking to lose weight more easily. One such study said that dieters might benefit from eating more salt. Super foods may also lead to greater weight loss, and they include spices like cinnamon and ginger.